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21 May 2010

One Big Massive Update!

Well, I know it's been a l-o-n-g time since we've been active online updating friends and family about all our adventures here in Idaho. Letting everyone know all the latest and greatest with Tyler, maybe even Lola and Dot Dot, so I've decided to get back on board and let people know we are indeed, still alive and well, since we aren't very good at getting on the phone and calling people I thought, hey... I'm on a computer ALL DAY LONG... Why not?!

First and most important of all let's get the T update going. Tyler is amazing. We are so blessed to have such a good kid... yes, kid. No longer baby, almost 4 year old little BOY! He has already surpassed my belly button and is well on his way to looking me straight in the eyes. Bill and I actually started a journal about all the silly things he says and does, also milestones, and let me tell you... this kid is hysterical. We can laugh until our bellies hurt, play tickle monster or maybe he'll even read a book about monsters. Currently his favorite book "Little Monster" has turned into "Little Mommy"... not quite sure what to think about that :) Tyler also loves Math and flashcards, but absolutely hates writing his name! It's like the end of the world to him...He is also our nudist, late night party animal. As soon as we walk in the door, clothes fly off and red monkey underwear is exposed. Bedtime... HAHA! That's a whole other issue.

Tyler started swimming and soccer this spring. He LOVES swim and soccer! He has grown so much, just from swimming! His first few weeks he didn't even want to dunk his head under, these days, he has caught up to the girls in his class and wants to practice in the big tub everyday. Soccer... another story! He loved the practice sessions, but when it came time to share the ball and play a 3 on 3 game... it was "game over." The first few weeks he scored multiple goals and took the ball from his own team mates...technique obviously comes later... but by the last few weeks, he had had enough of what the Capitols had to offer. Bill and I weren't too impressed with the operation, so we've decided to put him in a new organization this fall.

As for our future plans, we are headed to Maine next month with Bill's family! We are super excited to see everyone again. My Dad is from Maine, so I hope to see my Uncle and also have the opportunity to show T all the wonderful places I went to as a kid while visiting my grandma! Then 2 weeks after our return my parents are coming to visit! We have so many fun activities planned for them... not to mention we have a week to convince them to MOVE HERE! Boise is beautiful, with so much to offer. Plus, not to mention, um hello... better weather! So, for a few weeks we will be pretty busy, but I couldn't be more excited!

Bill and I are doing really well. Adjusting to opposite shifts as proven to be a challenge! Most nights when I'm getting ready for bed, Bill is just walking through the door. It works out well for Tyler, but can be stressful on us. At least we have the weekends...right?! We find ways to make it work and couldn't be happier!

Well, I think this is sufficient enough for now! Please keep in touch with us and we promise to keep this site going for years to come!

Much love to all :)

Bill, Karen and Tyler

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