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19 June 2010

Happy 4th Birthday, Mr.T!

It was your birthday two days ago and we have been so busy the last few days that I haven't been able to blog about you or your wonderful birthday!

Well, for 4 years old, you are tall, smart, thoughtful, caring, energetic... the list goes on. You say and do the funniest things, so funny that we actually started a little book. You are learning to add and subtract. You LOVE math! Writing your name is a different story. We get compliments all the time on how well you speak for your age, and we've had those compliments since you were 15 months! Not only that, but also how cute or handsome you are...not to brag ;) You are a ladies man. You LOVE the ladies and you have a way of finding them, whether old, young... in between, the ladies adore you. As your preschool teacher said, you were the only boy who ventured to play with the girls. As a matter of fact, the other day I was picking you up from daycare and some cute little girl wanted a hug good-bye. Your friend Priya, who is only a month and a half older, has already planned your marriage and proudly announced it to her parents. It scares the living daylights out of Dad and I! DON'T BE LIKE YOUR UNCLE STEVE!

While we've been here, we have had so many compliments on how well behaved you are. We always worry that you are being too noisy or too hyper, yet people think you are so behaved. Are we too strict or do people just not know you as well as we do?! You love to push buttons and limits. Sometimes you drive us up the wall, but when you smile at us we melt and forget what a brat you can be. Yes, brat.

We haven't taken you to the doctors yet, but you are tall and skinny. You never get sick (knock on wood) and you are pretty well rounded. Your doctor visit will be when we get back. You also start a new preschool this fall called Challenger. You can't wait! You want to go NOW! The classrooms are fun and the playground looks even funner. For three days a week, all day long, you will be learning all sorts of new things, getting an amazing education and becoming even more of the smart little boy that you already are. BTW, you like to be teachers pet... NERD!

This year we have a super busy summer. We are currently in Maine, then Grandma and Grandpa come down on the 2nd, then Auntie Krissy and Ethan will be staying at our house for awhile, waiting for a house in Colorado. This is exciting! Uncle Jon and Aunt Jana might even visit this summer! You and your cousin Tristan should have more fun now that he is a little older.

Well, my love, I think this is update enough. I love you with all my heart and soul. You are the reason we look at life so differently now, through the eyes of a four year old and it's a pretty amazing, imaginative world. A kaleidoscope of possibilities, and we love every minute. Thank you for that and thank you for being the best little guy a parent could ask for.

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