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20 June 2010

Memory Lane Part 2

Another two day update! Yesterday we had another full day! We buried Bill's Grandpa followed by a wonderful lunch. After, we did a lot of driving around. We found Reid State Park, tried to sneak a peak of the Bath Iron Works and the HUGE crane! Found Grandpa Maxell's old stomping grounds, found my Dad's, again, and ended with a wonderful dinner down the street!

Today, we drove into Portland to drop Uncle Jon off at the bus station to head to Logan Airport. Tyler was so sad that he had to leave. Then we headed to Portland Head Light, or as Bill likes to call it "Head Lamp." It was so big and beautiful, commissioned by George Washington himself! After exploring Head Light, we drove to a super good lunch at the Lobster Shack! It's right by the ocean and the food was incredible! After that it was time to venture to downtown Portland. It was a little scary! Lots of homeless people with their carts full of crap! They walk right up to your car and ask for money. I thought for sure someone would rip off my purse of camera. SCARY!! We left and headed to one of the last places I want to check off my to do list while here in Maine... My grandparents grave site. I have only been there once, to bury my grandma, so it was nice to go back and say hello. Tyler asked if people are in the same heaven as fish! He is so inquisitive, but understood that they are in heaven and not here with us. Pretty amazing.

Tomorrow is Booth Bay Harbor then Tuesday is our day in Boston before heading home. We've already done so much on this trip and we're only four days in!

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