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24 June 2010

Salem, home of Auntie Mae and the last day of our vacation

Salem was where we spent the last day of our week long family vacation, and everywhere we went, I couldn't help but think of my crazy sister. Not only because her husband is from the area (which explains a lot), but because Krissy or Mae, depending on what you prefer, would have LOVED Salem, Massachusetts for the places we got to visit.

Salem was a creepy old town full of witches, ghosts and tours. Everywhere you went, they had a tour for it. TONS of history. Everywhere you turned was a house built in the 17 or 1800's that had some relation to someone famous back in the day. We were examining our map, thinking that in 4 hours we wouldn't be able to travel the distance to all the places we wanted to go, take the tours and make it back to our cars before we would have found parking tickets; but low and behold, Salem is tiny. You can pretty much walk anywhere in 20 minutes or less. We had the most amazing lunch at Boston Hot Dot Co. I really want to know where the east coast gets their hot dog buns... they are so much better than the crappy buns we have here, where you eat more bun than hot dog.

We also went to the Salem Witch Museum, which put a really nice spin on witches... They really aren't bad people you know, so next time you see a Wicca or Pagan, ask them about their wonderful practices! It was quite interesting, although, I have a feeling Tituba was more than just a "story teller on a cold winters night..."

I didn't take this picture...

Downtown Salem

Some famous old house someone famous used to visit...

Auntie Mae's house....Oh my! I think she used to conjure up all sorts of evil magic in here...
Next, we headed to the Pirates Museum... another tour by a big guy in a pirate swagger who more than loved to talk like a pirate. Our guide was actually really funny, and the stories about all the different pirates were intriguing. I know now that most pirates were in fact as crazy as Johnny Depp portrays them to be.
Where's his rum?

After a long day exploring Salem, we decided to head back to our hotel... What a nightmare Boston traffic is! After finally finding our hotel, the Garmen about had it with us.. I think she might have been cussing at us.. "you effin idiots, turn right already... make another u-turn dumba$$..." I just wanted to lay down in a nice cozy room, you know, like the nice cozy room we had in the 2 week old hotel in Bath,right?! Well, we open the door to find this....

I wanted to purell my entire body and Tyler's too. After watching the show on Dateline, we removed the comforter to the other side of the room and used our airplane blankets to stay warm, but did we need to use them? NO. It was not only muggy, misty and stinky, but also quite warm. I was afraid to breathe in there. The carpet on the floor was sunk in some places, and the 4 inches that was up against the wall (for decoration?) was falling off... not to mention the wallpaper from the 60's. This place was a nightmare. How did we find it, you might ask?! It was close to the airport and didn't cost $200 a night. Oh well...

It was sad to leave the east coast. We had such a fabulous time visiting family, finding and meeting Bill's extended family. Exploring places that I knew so well as a child and sharing them with my child, but we are glad to be home again, in our nice clean house. Now we wait for the remainder of our busy summer! See you soon Grandma and Grandpa Walker, and a HUGE Thank You to Grandma and Grandpa Maxell! We had an amazing time!

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