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19 June 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane...

Here we are in Bath, Maine. A little tiny town about 3 miles wide, street layout as crappy as Anchorage, but this place is cute. There is so much history here, so many things to do and see that already by day 2, we are exhausted, and we have until Wednesday!

Tyler flies the 737-900....
So, for those of you that don't know, we are here for Bill's Grandpa's funeral. He passed away a few months ago, and he is from Bath. For anyone who knows my family, you know that my Dad is also from Bath. It's amazing how many wonderful memories come flooding back into your brain as soon as things start looking familiar! There are so many fond memories from when I was a kid, flying all the way from Alaska to visit my Grandma and my Great Aunt Ruthie. Now I feel there are so many things that I need to share with Tyler that I am anxious and excited at the thought. I am also on a mission to find him the same little shirt that Krissy and I had, a shirt that we LOVED, from our Grandma Walker that was purple. It said "happy as a clam at high tide!" I know, it's corny, but we wore those shirts everywhere and we loved them, and they made us happy as some clams at high tide.

Happy 4th Birthday, sweet boy!

I take toys, money... you name it!

Here is a little recap of our first few days:

Day one, we arrive super early in the morning, met up with Uncle Jon at the airport and off we drove. Boston to Bath! We had a brief stop in Seabrook, New Hampshire to visit Mona who was the daughter of Grampies second wife. She was so sweet and had the most adorable little house by coast. Then we ventured on to Portsmouth, New Hampshire for some coffee and found the cutest little town full of adorable little shops! HEAVEN!!! After our little shopping adventure we headed to Bath. We're in a brand new hotel, that until this moment, when I have found the time to update this blog, we haven't spent much time in! It was also Tyler's birthday. He is officially 4. A HUGE, SMART, HANDSOME 4 year old, and what's the first thing you do when you arrive in Maine? Go to dinner and eat lobster! OHMYGOSH it's soooo good to be back here!

Day two, we are on a mission! Within this tiny little town we search for the house my Dad grew up in, the house my Grandma lived in, the house around the corner that my Great Aunt Ruthie lived in, my Dad's High school and the bakery my sister was named after that my parents enjoyed so much. We found them all... within minutes, except for all the picture I had to take of everything! All sorts of wonderful memories flood my brain and my heart flutters. We used to come here and visit my Dad's side of the family here and the only person left here is my Uncle, who we probably won't even get to see. I miss them all.

The house my Dad grew up in.

My Grandma's old house.
Kristina's Bakery!

Dad's ANCIENT high school!

Aunt Ruthies old house

Krissy and I have a pic just like this!

After my overwhelming trip down memory lane we hit the LL Bean. Little did we know, Freeport is an entire shopping town. Everywhere we turn, there is another store to shop in. LL Bean felt like a 5 hour trip, and that's probably not too far off...

Jon, Bill, T and I were so tired of shopping that we left and headed to Popham Beach. Bill wasn't paying attention to the garmen, and we ended up at Fort Popham. What a cool place.. another historical Maine attraction! This place is GREAT! Although, Popham never saw any action, it was almost creepy to see all the dark little corners all around and the super steep twisty stairs, but all around was sun and sand, and ocean to play in.

Fort Popham

Popham Beach

Today, we head to Grampies funeral and then back to LL Bean to pick up the backpacks for Tyler and his cousin. Then the rest of the day is up to us!

As for the rest of the trip... keep checking back! We head to the beach tomorrow with the family, then on Monday we head to Booth Bay Harbor to find my shirt and hopefully a lighthouse boat tour. We are having a wonderful trip!

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