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05 June 2010

Zoo Day!

Today, after we finally woke up around...oh, 10ish, we decided to head to the Zoo! We have never slept in that late before, but obviously this busy family needed the extra rest.

The Zoo here at Les Bois has added some new exhibits which are African Safari themed, and Tyler was ready to explore! Here are some pictures of our Safari...

Silly, silly, silly....

Feeding the animals.

So, here we are at this sign and what does Tyler do?! Yup, climbs the fence to see the giraffes. The zoo volunteer must have liked him, because instead of yelling at him, she laughed and said.."He's all boy, isn't he?!" If only we had a dollar for everytime we heard that....

Lioness... isn't she beautiful?

Tyler and I checking out the giraffes.

Bill and T.

Lions are from HERE!

Ugly hair butt facing monkey.

I'm this tall... sort of.

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