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11 July 2010

Mema, Papa and the Great Debater.

For the past week my parents have been here and this has to be the fastest nine days I've ever experienced in my life. Usually you leave a vacation, or have visitors, and by the end of the visit you are ready for them to leave or you are ready to be home again. This was not one of those visits. I feel like I just picked them up to turn around and drop them back off again. But in these nine days we crammed in so many things, which probably contributed to how quickly it went by.

I'm sure when Grandma and Grandpa flew in they figured that Tyler, being a whopping four years old, wouldn't be as vocal as he was. Especially since Ethan is so peaceful and quiet and pretty sweet tempered. Well, they got the opposite here in Les Bois. Tyler, who found debating with Grandma a favorite past time sport, not only wore her out, but convinced Grandma that her gypsy curse "may you someday have children just like you" actually worked. Her favorite debate? When T insisted that an octagon was a hexagon, but was missing two sides... seriously. Then he had to explain to Grandma and Grandpa that we don't leave lights on around the house because it's a waste of money and energy. We also don't waste water... just because that's wasting again. That flashcards are indeed fun and so is his new workbook. Who knew that cleaning was also a load of fun. Tyler showed Grandma how to properly vacuum and mop the floor so that there was NO dog fur or dog prints in the house. As I write this he is busy cleaning the house because apparently I didn't do a good enough job earlier and Ethan will be here soon so it needs to stay clean for him.

So, to recap this insanely busy week...

We had a ton of pool time, sun, debating, zoo, swim class, soccer, a secret meeting, live after 5, more debating, movies, visiting friends, races, SHOPPING, Barnes and Noble time, Swan Falls, Idaho City, Candy Land, too much eating out, lots of sight seeing, hugs, kisses and belly aching laughs.

Tomorrow we go back to our usual routine. After a week in Maine, a week back at work, and a week of G and G, we go back to our normal lives and opposite shifts. Waiting to hear if Auntie Krissy is still making a visit, or when Uncle Brian will arrive, or until September when Grandma and Grandpa Maxell might visit... or even Uncle Jon and Aunt Jana. Until then, we miss Mema and Papa very much and hope they come back to visit soon because we really don't want to visit AK until global warming really takes it's toll. :)

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