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17 August 2010

Hurricane Krissy

So, I've finally got a second to sit down and update the blog before it's bath and bedtime for a certain little dude of the house.

Auntie Krissy. She is like a whirlwind of excitement and craziness all wrapped up in a tiny person. It was like a hurricane hit my house and stayed for a week. There was so much to do and so little time to do it in. We cooked, did more cleaning in that short week than I have in this house in the last year, crafting, shopping... BURNING, martinis! Ok... the burning was all me. We just weren't meant to have corn that night...OK?? Tyler learned to talk with his butt cheeks and belly button, Uncle Brian (SF Nanny) thought he taught him to wipe his own a$$, but little did he know that T likes to use the whole roll, then wash his hands and his towels after the job is complete...experimenting at its best. But, Aunty Krissy buys toys every time the leaves the house and spoils the living daylights out of other people's kids, then leaves. Does she clean the aftermath of spoiled children and messy rooms?? NO! She laughes her way out the door and threatens to come back!

Tyler is currently saving money to visit her in Colorado Springs. We HAVE to visit Auntie Krissy! But it sure is nice having her 12 hours away now :) YAY for family! We actually miss the Wongs :)

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