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27 September 2010

Mom, I just LOVE my new school!

Here are a few pictures of T at his new school, Challenger. He LOVES it. He loves Mrs. Roxy, he loves Mrs. Shawni (his teachers), he loves Mrs. Karen (the director)... he loves everyone and everything about this new school. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we take a 30 minute drive to and from this amazing new school, and so far, it is totally worth the trek. Every day I pick him up from school I get to hear 30 minutes of amazing new things learned by a little four year old... like spiders, cowboys and solar systems, along with the most adorable artwork a mom could ask for...too bad the fridge isn't magnetic.

On Tuesday and Thursday's he heads to Mrs. Andy's house where he loves to play, make dirt soup, read and do workbooks with her, some Tuesday's they head to the Y and practice swimming. He also just LOVES Mrs. Andy. So, this must be the year of LOVE...Love of school and love of new people and teachers. Life is good!

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