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13 September 2010

Since I spilled the beans..... literally...

I've been holding off on announcing our "wonderful" news simply because I have not felt anywhere near "wonderful" in the last 6-7 weeks. So far, this new little bundle of joy has done the following, and this will sound similar to one of those commercials where they warn you about all the side effects of taking prescription medicine... 24/7 nausea, vomiting, exhaustion, rampaged emotions, lots of tears, moodiness, starvation, thirst, and other issues I will not mention in public. Needless to say, this time around I am miserable. When this so called "blessing" arrives, they will immediately be placed in time out or possibly grounded for life. This is the complete opposite of Tyler. I was so happy, bubbly, excited. I only had morning sickness... in the MORNING, I was still doing yoga and dancing around the house. This time around I find myself crying almost daily. Not because I'm depressed, because I question #2, I question if I will love the next as much as I love Tyler. Why do we push the envelope when number one is so perfect? I'm starving, yet there is NOTHING I want to eat, I'm thirsty and there is nothing I want to drink, or it will be things like ice tea from a certain restaurant (Ebi's which is awesomeness!) or I dream of cakes and want sweets like Nutella or Lindor chocolates. I always wondered how some women complain about being pregnant and really dislike it as much as they say... I'm living that as we speak! Bill is hands down the most loving husband I could ask for. Who knew he could be so patient? And believe me, I've been trying his patience....not on purpose!

I can honestly say that I don't mind what we have, either way. Since Tyler was 6 weeks early, all I can really pray for is another healthy, happy baby just like the first one. But today, was the day. I've been pretty sick the last week, and fortunately my in-laws were visiting and I was in bed for almost three Internet, no phone... no socializing...nothing! Today, I walk into work and grab the trash can.... secret spilled... literally. In front of my co-workers.

So, for details, we are due March 30th which almost makes me 12 weeks. The above picture is from our 8 week appointment. Tyler was so unbelievably excited! He got to see the baby bounce around and loves to listen to my belly! All my tests came back fabulous and as for a number 3? That would be a big negative. Someone will be on the chopping blocks after this baby is born, possibly even both of us.

All I ask in this glorious time of our lives is 1. Please keep the advice to a minimum. I'm just not in the mood...unless you have any magic tricks to help with all day nausea and 2. Just keep us in your prayers for an on time, healthy baby! This was a big decision for us as a family since we spent time in the NICU. We are so blessed to have Tyler as healthy, happy and smart as he is, and we are hoping that no matter what this baby is, we are just as blessed to have a second as wonderful as the first. Hugs and Kisses to everyone and YES, we really are excited...even if I don't show it!

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