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04 October 2010

I'm Supposed To Wear WHAT!?

Well, as we all know, pregnancy is supposed to be one of the greatest experiences of you life. The growing baby/ belly, the anticipation of meeting a new member of the family...all that good stuff, but has anyone really addressed the clothing aspect of pregnancy?

There are many adorable outfits for baby...boys and girls alike, but what about me!? I sit here and peruse the endless internet of maternity wear and I am so disappointed. I know that I'm not the easiest to please when it comes to clothes. It's simple. I like fashion. I don't want to dress like my mom from the 80's or layers of wraps and drab colors like black, white and khaki.

I remember being pregnant with Tyler and shopping for an outfit for the dog show. At about 5 months along, you would think I had enough belly to wear something from Motherhood Maternity, right? I had the entire ring, judge included, laughing at me HOLDING MY PANTS UP as I ran my dog around the ring. I think I placed out of pure entertainment with a side of empathy.

So, here I am again... in pure anticipation of an excuse to shop and I'm left with the same options as when I left Anchorage. Motherhood Maternity, Old Navy and expensive boutiques. The cuter clothes I find are $50 a shirt, and the jeans that might actually fit are about $150 and up, just for a few months of comfort. Bill asked me "What about the shirts you had when you were pregnant with T?" I say "HELLO! Those are so 4 years ago!" And,I mean, really Heidi Klum... what makes you think that a pregnant woman wants to wear overalls, especially in a state known for its potatoes!?

Will I be able to actually find cute, affordable maternity wear this time around, or will I be forced to buy "the next size up?" It's not exactly the experience that I was hoping for, but anything is better than this.... or some tacky shirt that says "Bellies are so in!" UGH!!

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