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18 October 2010

What's Kickin'

I don't really remember the first time I felt Tyler kick, and I probably should have recorded it somewhere, but I've felt #2 kick for about the last week. It seems like the kicking is getting stronger and stronger everyday... or is it because since I've already had the experience I notice it more? So, here is my documentation... Baby #2 has been kicking since 15 weeks. We have our monthly appointment on Thursday, then should find out the sex in about 3ish weeks!!!

Attached is a picture from Saturday, when some of my friends and I went maternity shopping... This is proving to be quite the experience. There were two stores with my size jeans... one was $98 and the other was $198... take your pick. I will be searching consignment shops soon, fingers crossed! Anyway, so this is a picture of the fake belly that they have you wear when trying on maternity clothes so you get an idea of how big you might get... I wasn't even close to this when I was pregnant with T and I feel so sorry for ladies who actually do get that big because even though it was fake, it was awful!!!

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