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09 November 2010

The Alphabet Crown

On Friday, Tyler passed what his teacher called one of the MAJOR milestones in preschool... The Alphabet Crown! In order to achieve the alphabet crown, he has to recognize and sound out random letters of the alphabet. He would have had it on Wednesday, but he decided he didn't want to say or sound out the letter N. His teacher, Mrs. Roxy knew he knew the letter N, but made him wait to get his crown until he would say it. Which was bittersweet because he could have been one of the very very first kids, but then again, I don't ever want him to think things are handed to him because he doesn't want to put in the effort. But, only 3 other kids in the class have the crown! So when the kids pass, the teacher calls the school director to the classroom. She takes them to decorate their crown, writes a special note on the back and brings them back to the class where she announces that the just received his or her alphabet crown! Then the kids do a cheer! I've never seen such joy and accomplishment on Tyler's face! It was one of his prouder moments, not only for him, but because I was there to see it. I love his school!!

And, yes... I did post the picture of him making that silly face just to prove that he does sort of look like his Dad... which, ironically is about the only time people say "OMG, he looks just like Bill in that picture!"...LOL!! Go figure!

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