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14 December 2010

Don't worry, you will balloon soon enough...

Last Sunday was Bill's Christmas party. Although small, it was pretty fun and the food was good! We didn't intend on staying long, and Bill had to do the "boss" thing and mingle with employees. After he FINALLY looked back in my direction, I motioned that it was time to go. Tyler was at a friends house, it was a school night and it was officially past our bedtime. I motion to Bill that I really have to pee.. TMI, I know, but Minnie was on my bladder and I couldn't cross my legs any longer! On my way to the restroom this lady stops me. I will change her name because you never know who might see it and know this person. So Penelope stopped me dead in my tracks trying to make a bee line to the little girls room and said " I cannot believe how tiny you are for six months! Is the baby OK?" REALLY!?!? IS SHE OK!?!? Now, I was tired, had to pee AND wanted to punch her in the face. I've already had my fair share of people who bug me on a daily basis and this was the topper. I kindly responded that at my last doctor's appointment my doctor said I was right on track and the baby looked great, that when I was measured, I measured right where I needed to be. Penelope's response?? " That's good. You will probably balloon soon enough then." WOW... REALLY... so, all pregnant women should gain 500 lbs and look like we swallowed a beach ball? I've had it up to my eyeballs with people and their fabulous opinions of my pregnancy. Needless to say, my self esteem has taken quite the hit! GRRRRR!!!!

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