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31 December 2010

Glucose Test Appointment

Today I had the privilege of taking the Glucose Test. I'm not a big soda person, or sugar person, so this test was just disgusting! I should know how my results turn out by Monday, hopefully no three hour test will be involved!

As for the baby, she is fantastic! Strong heartbeat, super active... as for me? I've only gained a total of six pounds but I'm measuring right were I need to be. Due to the fact that I'm a pretty small person to begin with, that I didn't get very big with T and my Mom only gained 10 lbs while pregnant with me, my doctor isn't too concerned. But, if I don't gain more than a pound or two by the next appointment she will have me go in for another ultrasound just to make sure that it's just me and not the baby. As far as everything goes, the doctor says that she thinks the baby looks and sounds perfect! Chalk it up to me being so tiny, I'm measuring long and not wide! LOL

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