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20 January 2011

30 Week Appointment

Today's appointment went very well! I gained three whopping pounds for a total of 10 pounds! My doctor was very happy, and the nurse wanted to know my secret... I still haven't figured that out! Just luck I guess! Minnie's heartbeat was perfect, and I now have to cut carb's from my diet. Yes, carbs. They are no longer my friend. I sat there and questioned all the foods I can eat or can't eat, and this isn't going to be easy :( The only carbs I can eat have to be high in fiber, so now I'm 100 years old. I had the same issue with a "higher" gestational diabetes result with T. I don't have GD, but I'm borderline. My fabulous doctor was smart enough to discover the carb issue, unlike the doctor I had in AK. Plus, she was a little concerned when she heard T was 5lbs 11oz at six weeks early... he would have been a HUGE full term baby according to her. So, cutting the carbs should help keep Minnie from being 10 lbs for no reason, and to keep her from growing out of my neck. Our appointments now are every two weeks, and when the nurse said "Hey, you're in the home stretch!" I think I just about peed myself. This time around, I'm more nervous!

There won't be any extra monitoring for preterm labor. The way in which I went into early labor has absolutely no rhyme or reason. Simply put, my water broke which is called Preterm Premature Rupture of the Membranes (only 3% of pregnancies), and viola!, you have a baby. There are no early signs or symptoms. That's why it's so important to contribute to such organizations as the March of Dimes, who is researching and trying to find a cause, every new little person deserves a healthy start at life. But, on a brighter note, my doctor also said that almost all of her patients that have had PPROM have had their second baby on time. That was comforting!

My belly has become quite the attraction to friends and co-workers. If I'm not crooked, then you can see my belly shape shift from across a room. Not only can you watch her, but you can see knees and elbows sticking out from my sides or near my belly button. Minnie is quite active and already draws a crowd!

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