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10 January 2011

Belly Watch!

This small clip really does NO justice to the amount this baby really moves, or how intense it really is, but it gives you an idea. It's to the point where you can see elbows and knees...possible head or butt sticking out of my sides or in between my ribs. And let me just tell you, she is strong, she is getting bigger and it just feels insane! I'm almost always misshapen or crooked. She doesn't like me on my sides at night, but I can't sleep on my back... She doesn't like the cold air, but loves the warmth of my heated blanket and I'm almost positive she really really loves the sound of her brother's voice. She almost always responds when Tyler talks to her or reads to her, and he can't wait to hold her and help take care of her :) I'm a lucky momma!

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