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25 January 2011

Did he really just say that to me??

As we all know, there comes a time when your little munchkin can no longer see you naked. Yup.. No more "get in the shower with me, we're going to be late..." no more baths in the big tub... nothing. But you know that day has come when he comes tearing into your closet, points at your boobs and says "Mom! I see your boobs!!" Yes, I had the door closed, but unfortunately it doesn't lock. The moment I knew it was time to invest in a lock? Me: "Tyler, get out of here! I'm changing in private" Tyler: " Thanks for showing me your boobs, later!" And off he goes. Not to mention all the questions... I'm sure you're creative enough to think of what a four year old might ask his parents, so I won't even go there. Needless to say, Tyler is officially on his own!

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