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03 February 2011

32 Week Appointment

I seriously don't understand what my doctor means when she tells me that I'm still so tiny and that I measure right where I need to be, barley. I feel like a beached whale and she has the nerve to tell me that I'm sooooo tiny and I've put on an itty bitty two pounds!? Well, besides the fact that I feel like a whale but apparently am not, Minnie's heartbeat sounds perfect! She is doing everything she needs to do like keep me up at night or kick my bladder so I have to pee all the time and she makes it almost impossible to drive my car comfortably. This little girl already has so much attitude that if I switch sides at night and she doesn't like it, she won't stop kicking until I move back to the previous position... whether I like it or not. Guess who wins.... Can you tell she has German in her.... GRANDMA WALKER..... No blame... just sayin'.

Next appointment is in two weeks and my fabulous doctor will be doing my Group B Strep test early! Then she can hopefully rule out an infection that might make Minnie come early like her big brother. And since they don't know what causes PPROM (the reason T was early), she is being careful by performing the test early. I love this lady! Whether it helps or not, she is doing her job and she rocks!

As for Minnie's room? The paint should be finished by this weekend and chair rail will be going up shortly after! Then it will be time to put the crib together and do the decorating :) Also up for this weekend, my baby shower!! YEAH!!

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