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18 February 2011

34 weeks and a busy day....

Yesterday was such an exhausting day! Thursday's can be a busy day for me in general, but yesterday was especially exhausting! So, here's a little about my day....

First off, I am awake by 5:15 in the morning. I try to be in bed by 9, but when you have to wake up and pee five times a night and flipping from one side to the other (if Minnie allows it) is quite the process, I don't exactly call it good sleep. Honestly, I just LOVE it when people say to me "oh, just wait till she gets here! You won't get any sleep!" Well, let me just tell you, I might only get two to three hours of sleep at a time, but the quality will be so much better once I can sleep those two to three hours without needing to flip or pee. So, figure that one out, non understanding people!!!

I get to work around 6:30 am on Thursday, which is my later start day... yes, I said later start. I had my 34 week appointment at 11:00 which was just fabulous on so many different levels. On a good note, Minnie looks and sounds wonderful! I'm still super small, but measure right where I need to be. I've gained a total of 14 lbs now, so I'm still all baby. By this time with T, not only did I not realize he would be on his way, but I was already 20 lbs! 6 lb difference between the two! My fabulous doctor checked her and said she is head down, and Minnie really didn't like being poked and prodded... She made it clear by sticking her butt up high on the left side and probably a knee or elbow out of the other side. I was so lopsided and Dr Mingie laughed so hard! This little girl has attitude, and we haven't officially met her yet... Then she did a Group B Step test where you are violated by the biggest q-tip ever. I won't need the results until I give birth, and basically what they look for is an infection that can harm the baby. If you are positive, they give you antibiotics that will prevent it from effecting the baby during delivery. Now I know in case she comes early, that she is head down and I won't have to worry about Group B Strep. Good things to know! I have another appointment in two weeks. Dr Mingie said to me " I will see you here in two weeks.... not in labor and delivery!" Of course I agree. Also, the poll going around says that Minnie will arrive around 36-37 weeks, which makes me nervous! That is so soon and it's making my eye twitch!!

So, after my appointment I head back to work and start training my co-worker on all my duties. 3.5 hours of showing someone how to do your job in hopes that they don't call you every five minutes while I'm out for six weeks. Here's hoping I do a good job, and get about another week to teach her... LOL! I finally leave work and it's almost 4:00. Tyler has swim class at 5:00, which means we don't get home until 6:00. That leaves us 35 minutes to feed, water and potty the dogs, feed ourselves and maybe sit for five minutes before packing up and heading to the hospital for a 7:00 tour.

We make the tour with five minutes to spare! Tyler and I joke around with the "tour guide" because she spotted us right away and said " You must be here for the tour! I know my audience!" I sarcastically reply "What gave it away?" Well, I walk into the class and talk about awkward... everyone stops talking and just stares at us. I don't know why, but it was one of those moments you go... OMG, is my hair messy, did I do my makeup like a hooker... is my underwear showing though my pants? I couldn't find my belly band, but my shirt was definitely long enough to cover my pants that were "banded"... Maybe they thought I was the single mom with one kid already, and another on the way with a different daddy... who knows! Maybe they just thought I looked bitchy because I was dressed up and not in my jammies like most of the women there. It was just weird! Anyway, Bill came about ten minutes late, but in the middle of his job he made time for our family. He is the best! And, let me tell you something... Those rooms at St Al's are AMAZING. They look like you are walking into your own private spa bedroom. I felt like I'd be staying at Cedar Cyanide where all the celebrities give birth. These rooms are so spacious, have their own showers, perfectly dimmed lighting, a double bed for Bill and I to actually share that massages and everything! Then you look outside to a garden, and they have an outdoor play area for kids too! They are incredible! And did I mention they have a kitchen, not only stocked for the moms, but also for the dads and not in the room, but they have several throughout the postpartum wing! I also get to leave with a professional 30 minute massage, or for $25 I can upgrade to a one hour Swedish massage. We also get to choose a fabulous dinner with sparkling cider and everything! Oh, and our guide also mentioned that it was OK to wear your own labor gown... I have been looking at them online and Bill just doesn't get it! Yes, maybe I only wear it a few times, but they are sooooo much cuter and they don't expose you like the hospital gowns. I mean... shouldn't I look good when Minnie arrives? I don't want her to look at me for the first time thinking " OMG, my Mom looks like crap! Where is her style!?" So when our guide says St Al's approves of them I whack Bill in the leg and give him that "See! I told you!" look. Men...

After the tour it was straight to bed for T and I. I was exhausted. My back, hips... everything hurt! I was ready for a hover round. Up next for me... a three day weekend! Not only this weekend, but also for my birthday weekend next week! Then it will be time for my 36 week appointment! Time is going by so quickly and it's hard to feel like I can keep up these days! Minnie's room should be done this weekend in time for Maternity pictures tomorrow! I didn't have the opportunity with Tyler, so I'm pretty excited to see what our friend Jessica can do for me! She is super talented! Check back for those soon! TGIF!

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