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06 February 2011

Minnie's Baby Shower!

Yesterday was my baby shower for little miss Minnie! It was just the way I like it.. short, sweet and so much fun! It was great to have (almost) all my Idaho friends in one room :)

Kim and I were of course running late, then headed to Zurchers to get the balloons filled and whadda ya know... Half of Meridian wants Super Bowl balloons! By the time we got balloons filled, picked up one more cupcake tray and loaded the car up it was past 1:30, so we called in Kristi and Sara for reinforcements and started getting the place all ready for the 2:00 shower. Well, as soon as we were about to place the balloons we saw they were all tangled from the wind! We had to untie all the balloons and re-do them! It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day, but the wind was pretty gusty. After we got everything put together all the guests arrived and I think Kim and I were ready for naps! But, all things considered, everything was perfect! We received so many beautiful gifts from so many thoughtful friends, and I loved seeing every single person there and being able to catch up with everyone :)

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