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04 March 2011

36 Week Princess Alert!!!

Minnie and I have officially hit 36 weeks as of Wednesday! Two weeks past Tyler, and now I'm feeling a bit over due, but also very thankful that we should have a "normal" hospital experience!

Today was our 36 week appointment and as usual, things look and sound great... except for one thing. I'm dilated 2 centimeters and her head is right there... and I mean right there. I noticed this morning that I could no longer see my belly button, an indication that she has dropped and I can finally breathe again, but when my doctor said her head was "right there" during her inspection, I was a little scared! My doctor, like so many of my friends and family, predict that Minnie will arrive within the next week, maybe two. My biggest fear? Having a baby that is late! So, when I asked my doctor what would happen if Minnie were to make a late entrance she assured me that I could be induced at 39 weeks! Thank God! If she's not here in the next week or two on her own, she will be evicted in three weeks! Let me just tell you, there is NO comfortable position anymore no matter where I am, and I have worn paths to the bathroom from the living room, bedroom and my office at work. Not only that, but I have absolutely no tolerance for anything or anyone and I have a slight case of word vomit, or as I prefer to call it "brutal honesty!" But, now I'm also back to the nervous eye twitch, knowing that she could be here any time...GRRRR!!!!

I have also been experiencing more Braxton Hicks contractions, and they are the weirdest thing ever! All the sudden my stomach is a tight basketball, and has the same feeling as when you flex your muscles. Usually you can get up and move around and they disappear, they only last maybe 15-30 seconds, but when I'm driving I'm stuck!

Tyler is also super excited about the pending arrival of his new baby sister! He loves to kiss my belly and talk about being a big helper, or how it's Daddy's job to change her stinky diapers. He's such a smart kid. Of course it should be Daddy's job!

As for more kids in the future, which I am asked about all the time now, that is a huge negative. This is it. I am done and closing shop and no, I will not change my mind. It is most definitely made up. Bill will be getting the old "snip, snip" and I also have a backup plan to the back up plan. We only wanted two kids to begin with, but after this experience, and don't get me wrong I am so grateful for a healthy, on time GIRL, I just don't think I'm cut out for carrying babies. I'm tiny, they get bigger and everything hurts. I will NEVER miss the all day nausea and morning sickness, the hurting or burning of ligaments or muscles, back or even my swollen right ankle.. or as I call it my kankle. I'm ready to be me again and I have every intention of staying this way. More power to those of you who do this later in life because I feel about 80 years old right now!

Well, stay close! We could have a little princess any day now! Watch out world! I will also try and get in one more video before she arrives of my bouncing belly. All you see now are parts sticking out all over and some crazy stretching! My doctor is always impressed at how she sticks herself out and makes her presence known at each appointment! So stay tuned!

Oh, and by the way... here is my fabulous birthday present :) I love my hunny!! As much as we loved the SS, we were tired of affording $60 a week in gas. Not very smart when you have kids to think of, so here is my new ride! I just LOVE it!!

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