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20 March 2011

Bill wants a tomboy! HAHAHAHAH

Over the course of the weekend Bill and I have been in discussion about what we think Minnie will be like. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm girly. I LOVE to shop, I love The works. Anyone who has read the Shopaholic collection could see my mom and I in various parts of the book. I don't like being cold, I'm super picky about everything and can't stand a dirty house. Especially mine. So, of course, I think that Minnie will be a little fashionista, like me. While Bill and Tyler spend time outdoors camping, we can hit the spa, get our nails painted and do a little shopping!

What does Bill think? Well, he hopes that Minnie will be a tomboy! HAHAHAHAHA!! Should I say more? It's hysterically funny! A girl, from MY side of the family, a TOMBOY?? He wants her to go camping, fishing, skiing...etc. Now, with Tyler, I could see it, but any girl from my family just isn't going to pick a day of camping over a day at the spa or Nordstrom. It just wouldn't happen, not without buying all the necessities to be super stylish the entire time. So to Bill, my dear, I say with all due respect, not a chance! But nice try! I love you :)

I mean, really... about one of the ONLY things I look forward to when even visiting Alaska is the fact that there is a Nordstrom. Someday when we feel like visiting that icky place again, I will look forward to showing Minnie all about Nordstrom, their yummy Chicken Caesar and all the great clothes. It's probably the thing I miss most about AK... Saturday lunch and shopping with my mom at Nordstrom. Someday Minnie and I will start the same tradition. Hopefully by then, they will have a Nordstrom here! I almost didn't move here because there wasn't a Nordstrom! But they have one in SLC and also in Oregon. But that's all beside the point. Minnie is going to be a girly girl, Bill knows it, and he's in big trouble!! This is GREAT!!

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