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21 March 2011

D-Day 03-21-11

As you all know, we have been in the expectant mode lately which has caused much anxiety. Between the two of us, we were pretty much resigned to that fact that Presley would not leave until we busted down the door and dragged her out kicking and screaming. Today started out as normal, Karen waking up at 445, after a "fitful" night of sleep, and me lying in bed until I absolutely had to get up. Unfortunately for me, this was Tyler's school day, which meant I had to wake up earlier than I like to. Unfortunately for Tyler, I wasn't feeling well and woke up late. As I was scrambling to get T ready, pack his lunch and make sure we had all of his school supplies Karen called my personal cell phone. I wasn't able to make it and heard my work cell begin ringing in the bedroom. Tyler, being the big helper that he is, comes traipsing out of the bedroom with my ringing phone as I am trying to call Karen on my personal cell (yes, I have too many phones.) Thus begins a fun little game of phone tag. We were finally able to connect and Karen's first words are.... yep you guessed it "my water just broke."

After a quick and confusing conversation, I jump in the shower, get dressed and find a text message on my phone requesting the camera, a make up bag, flat iron and hair brush. I thought everything was ready to go. I guess not because I end up packing the laptop, our glasses, contact cases and solution as well which brought our total bag count up to 7. Unbelievable!!!

We finally arrive at St Al's where I thank Luis for bringing Karen in, pass T off (much thanks to Luis and Katie for watching him) and rush in to see how Karen is doing. I enter room 1601 to find her completely content and chatting it up with Nurse Bonnie. On a side note, Karen and I seem to have seriously good karma when it comes to our nurses. Nurse Bonnie kicks so much ass; I don't think we could have asked for more of a blessing, especially considering that she has a dry and twisted sense of humour like me. We got along famously. She was very attentive, extremely knowledgeable andto top it off her husband flies for FedEx.

I digress. At this point in the story Karen's water broke about 45 minutes ago and she has dilated to roughly 4.12785 cm. She is coming along nicely. We discuss our plan with Bonnie and decide to wait on the epidural until Karen's contractions are more severe. Karen and I decide to make a few laps around Labor and Delivery and by the end of our little jaunt her contractions are becoming more painful. The anesthesiologist arrives around 11 and her epidural is in place within 25 minutes. Her contractions continue to increase and by 1145 she tells Bonnie exactly what she wants to hear:

Q: Did you feel that contraction?

A: What contraction.

SUCCESS!! After the epidural is "installed", our friend Kristi from the NICU arrives to keep us company. We spend the next few hours talking and waiting with little in the way of any excitement. By two-ish Karen has dilated to 9.5 cm and Presley is sitting at +1. This is where the excitement begins. Bonnie calls Dr Minge as Karen and I beg , Karen more than I, for Kristi to stay. Graciously Kristi agrees. Dr. Minge arrives and after checking Karen out; quickly comes to the conclusion that, "Yep, we're gonna have a baby." I concur.

I won't get into the nitty gritty, but as you all can imagine, Karen pushes really hard and out pops a baby. Honestly, it wasn't that simple. After Karen's first couple of pushes, Presley's head is out about 1/3 of the way. Karen continues to try and push her out without success. The doc and nurses are commenting about how unusually patient Presley is and how most babies don't like being squeezed like that. I heard one comment stating "we could go get coffee and come back and the baby would still be chillin there." Of course, this is one of the most painful moments for the mother and Karen a sitting there in agony waiting for another contraction. After resting for a few moments, Karen grits her teeth and gives birth to the most beautiful baby girl in the world.

Of course Dr. Minge preps the umbilical for the father to cut, a very standard task, and hands me the cute little scissors for snipping. I swear to you this thing was the size of a garden hose. The staff was amazed and said that it was so large it was providing a cushion when her head was halfway out. It was no wonder why Karen couldn't eat or breathe during this pregnancy.

Presley Grace Maxell was born on March 21, 2011 at 239 PM. She weighs in at 7 lbs 6 oz and is 19 in long. We couldn't ask for a healthier baby.

We could not have been luckier to have such an amazing staff. Bonnie was a Godsend and Dr. Minge is awesome. They did such an phenomenal job.

My lovely wife was amazing through this whole process. Her strength continues to astound me and I count my blessings to have such a beautiful and intelligent woman by my side. She has given me two beautiful children and a lifetime of wonderful memories.

Truly not a day like any other. I can't wait to find out what tomorrow brings; unless of course it's my turn to get the snippety-snip and then I can wait.

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