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16 March 2011

Minnie and I have a date!

It's official. Minnie will make her grand appearance on either the 23rd or the 24Th unless she decides to come sooner! My doctors nurse will call me with the final date and time later today. Other than that, my appointment was great! I'm dilated to a 3, 70/80% effaced and her head is even lower than last week. My doctor said it could happen at any moment! Oh yeah, and I lost a pound! I have NO room for food now. I take two bites of something and I'm stuffed. I still measure small, so she probably won't be much bigger than Tyler... and Minnie is full term! Thank god for "little" girls! As for me, I'm now in full freak out mode! I'm super excited to meet our little girl, but so nervous about getting her here! I feel so mental! I've been holding back tears since the appointment! Get ready world.... Minnie is on her way!!!

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