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12 March 2011

OK... I get the hint!!!

Bill and I absolutely love the show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. We were up late watching just one last episode before bed, and the food at this drive-in looked ridiculous! Just as we were trying to figure out which state we wanted to visit someday, Guy Fieri said "Boise, Idaho!" OMG, we sooooo have to go there! Tomorrow!

We get there and have an amazing lunch outside, and I definitely don't have enough room for very much food because just looking at it makes me feel full, so I think maybe I will store some in my cheeks and take a to-go box. 

We open our fortune cookies. Yes, this drive-in has fortune cookies. I look at Bill and say " I just KNOW this fortune cookie is going to tell me that Minnie is on her way!" I open it hoping for some kind of good fortune and it says... "Good things come to those who wait. Be patient." Seriously. SERIOUSLY!? So now I have to be patient and wait? I was tears sad.   I just know it's a sign that the baby is going to take her time. She's totally making up for the lost time her brother had in the womb. I can feel it.

Then on our way to our next destination we get stuck behind an SUV with the license plate that says "HAV F8H"... What is God trying to tell me? Is she coming soon or not? Most likely that I am being impatient and to have faith... Oh yeah, and that Bill will "Soon meet a stranger." I hope Minnie is that soon to be stranger he gets to know. What-ev-er.

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