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10 March 2011

OK, I'm FULL TERM, why isn't Minnie here yet???

Another appointment, still no baby, and I am so cranky today! To be honest, I didn't even want to write today. Why isn't she here yet!? I'm feeling so overdue since T was six weeks early and all I get from my appointment was "you are 2 cm dilated (still) and 80% effaced." Well, that's 10% more than the previous week, and a lot closer to 100%, so I try to remain positive, but I really really REALLY wish she would have said, "Oh my! Lets get you over to labor and delivery!" Wishful thinking! I'm so tired, feeling super cramped and I feel like I've been kicked in the crotch. I'm so tempted to find a trampoline, maybe a step aerobics class, or other wives tales to get this leach out of me! Leave it to Minnie to be "fashionably late", and technically, she's not even late! I still have two weeks left! In the mean time, I'm here... still at work.... having a super cranky day. I need a shopping spree! I think I'll head to the mall this weekend because shopping fixes EVERYTHING!!!

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