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18 April 2011

Miss P is One Month!

I can't believe its already been one month since the birth of Presley. It seems like it was yesterday, and although Bill is still upset he hasn't received his pushing present, we have managed pretty well... all things considered.

Presley seems to be getting bigger by the day, and more beautiful than the day before. Tyler is coping really well! He loves his roll as a big brother, but still struggles to be a "good listener." At times I think he is a cross between Aunt Patty and Aunt Krissy... Always singing and rhyming (Aunt Patty), yet messy and talks too much ( you know it's true Aunty Krissy). He is so full of energy, and so helpful.. even with poopy diapers! The other day I took the kiddo's to the store. We're trying to teach Tyler not to ask for everything he sees in the store or he gets to sit in the car. Well, we had a pretty successful trip through WINCO, then I drive past McDonald's on the way home....

Tyler: Mom! Can we get a Happy Meal? I'm really hungry!
Mom: No, I told you not to ask for things.
Tyler: McDonald's isn't a thing, MOM... It's food and I'm hungry.

How can you argue with that logic?? Simple, McDonald's isn't good for us and we only get it on rare occasion.

We are still struggling to get more sleep. Darn babies just don't like to sleep in, and this house likes to sleep in...OK!? We went from a 4 year old who sleeps until 9 if he can, to 3-4 hours at a time... the question "what were we thinking?" keeps coming to mind! On top of the lack of sleep, I have become the sweatiest person I know. I'm not a sweaty person by nature. I can stand outside in 90 degree weather and love it, but as soon as my body hits the sheets I sweat. It's absolutely disgusting. I change my clothes almost every time I nurse, and wash sheets almost every other day now. I used to wash my hair every other day, now I wish I could shower every time I wake up! From my research I've come to learn that sweating is a way for the body to get rid of fluids from being pregnant, and also a side effect from nursing and a high metabolism. Apparently you are supposed to drink more water, which makes NO sense to me since I sweat like a pig all night. One site even suggested sleeping nude... um, yeah right. That's how babies are made. Or, sleep with the window open. That's how spiders come in. We have poisonous ones here, and I did drench the entire house and yard with spider spray. But, I'm not willing to take the risk.

Our March for Babies campaign started last week, and has been lacking to say the least. Last year we raised almost $900, this year my sister has donated $25 and I haven't put any effort past that. I'm tired, and I really need to get on the ball for such an amazing organization, but again... I'm tired. I get on the computer for about 2 seconds, log off and sleep.

My mother in law arrives soon to help out and meet Miss Presley! Little does she know that she will be doing the 1 mile walk for the March of Dimes with us :) Well, she knows now after reading the blog... Surprise!! This year we aren't doing the 6.2 mile walk... sorry Cathy!

Well, my 2 seconds are up, and I'm off to bed! Nighty-night!

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