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07 April 2011

Two week old DIVA!

Little Miss Presley, you are officially two weeks and oh boy are you demanding! We've named you our little diva. It started after bringing you home. You looked like you should work at Willy Wonka. Dad and I were a little concerned so we took you to the pediatrician. You were so mad when they took blood from the heel of your foot! Dad, T and I felt so bad for you. I wasn't helping matters either. My milk still hadn't come in and you were dehydrated which was actually making your jaundice worse. We took you home and whatever you didn't get from me, we gave you in formula. Yes, formula. I'm not going to kill myself to exclusively breastfeed you. I'm not Bessy the cow and it works out great. Dad feeds you around midnight and I get 5-6 hours of sleep. Everyone is happy! We rushed to Walgreens, Walmart and finally GNC to find Fenugreek. It's supposed to help produce milk.... along with drinking gallons of water and milk. On the way home Mema called and you were in the background crying. Mema asked why you were crying and your brother said...
"Presley is hungry and she doesn't eat food like we eat. She eats mom's boobs!"
I can't make that stuff up. True story. You eat my boobs. Anyway, I take my Fenugreek, drink, drink, drink and presto! Milk! It was great! You were so happy, I was so happy! Then came the gas. You were so gassy. Dad was proud until we tried to get some sleep that night. It was awful! You screamed and fussed all night. We had another appointment with the pediatrician and sure enough, it was my diet...again. Yes, you are making me watch what I eat, again. Here I am, able to eat and you take it away from me. All for the best I guess :( Who needs onion rings anyway?? Since then, you have been perfect! You lost a pound, gained it back plus some. You are also 20.5 inches tall. I have no clue where that is on a chart, nor do I care. All I care about is that you are happy and healthy. A growth chart doesn't tell me that someday you will be happy, successful or smart.
People LOVE your name! I am so surprised at the overwhelming amount of compliments we've received in regards to your name. We kept it a secret until you were born because I didn't want to hear people say "Why would you name her that?" Or, "What about THIS name? It's my favorite!" I wanted to give you a name that wasn't on a top 10 list, or 100 for that matter, and I didn't want opinions in the process. Your brother spilled it a few times, so we had a talk with him. Then he told EVERYONE "It's none of your business! Be patient!" He wouldn't crack after that! Mema is in town this week! Actually, she leaves tomorrow. We've had so much fun with her! I don't even know how many times we've visited the mall, but every time we leave, you get another cute outfit. Mema has been so helpful. She's cleaned our entire house, done dishes, laundry, entertained your big brother, helped with the dogs, got her bed peed on, built Lego's, helped change your diaper... you name it. Everything but cook. She's not allowed to cook... your gas would be even worse! She's been the biggest help ever. We're going to miss her when life gets back to normal. You are mine, and you are Dad's. A perfect combination of both and just like your brother. Big blue eyes, Angelina Jolie lips, perfect little ears, my little upturned nose and dimpled chin. Precious. Your hair is dark, but it looks lighter every day. I don't know if it will be as light as your brother's hair though. He has daddy's light hair from when he was little. You make tons of faces and smile, even though it's not really smiling, we like to think it is. You are also super alert and can hold your head up pretty well. It's hard for you to sleep when there is so much going on and you really, really want to see it all happen. You've stayed up for almost an hour and a half stretch at a time! Your big brother loves you so much and you love him just as much back. I love watching him come over to you and give you kisses and you just stare at him with big eyes. Watching his every move. These last two weeks have been the absolute best two weeks ever. You have filled our life with more joy than we ever though was possible. We are officially a family of four and we wouldn't change it for the world.

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