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06 May 2011

Grandma, part II... and other news.

Boy have I been bad at updates lately! So much has happened since the last update that I don't even know where to start. I guess I should start with Easter weekend. We finally used our timeshare points and headed up to McCall. McCall looks a lot like Big Lake Alaska, for my Alaskan friends reference. Hence the weekend stay. I wouldn't want to stay longer. It turned out to be quite nice though! Our little condo was super cute with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen...etc! We hung out, had some family time and tried to relax... until Saturday night. Bill and I had the best intentions of heading to church on Sunday for Easter, until Presley decided to party from 1am until 5am. We tried rocking her, letting her cry, feeding her multiple times, using the blow drier for noise... nothing worked. NOTHING! Finally when my alarm went off at 7, I rolled over, turned it off and asked for god's forgiveness. I wasn't about to get out of bed for ANYONE. Sorry lord. Please forgive me. We are TIRED! Well, just as you are ready to sell your children (unfortunately there are no roaming gypsies to sell her to in McCall... you really lucked out this time Miss P) we head into the living room with Tyler, and Presley starts to smile. OK, she wins.

After our Easter McCall weekend my mother in law, Cathy, headed to our side of the world. She was eager to meet her new little grand-daughter and to see how much Tyler has grown over the last six months. And, boy, did we wear her out. We took her to the mall, on a 45 minute walk around the block, a one mile MOD's walk that turned into more like 2-3 miles, and 45 minutes of yoga. And, boy can that woman sleep...and snore! Now I know where Bill gets his snoring from, and love of sleep! But, we had a great time while she visited! We shopped Baby Gap (my favorite store...hint hint to all you ever wanting to buy me gifts! Or, Nordstrom Rack is also coming to town!!!), and she bought Presley the cutest iron mannequin for her room. I've been eying it for weeks, Bill said it wasn't for sale... LIAR! Low and behold it was! I was ready to charge it, when Cathy whipped her card out! Bill couldn't believe it...haha! It was for sale and one way or another I was going to get it for Presley's room! Thank God for grandmas! She was also thoroughly warn out by Tyler. He's a non-stop talker and would like to stay active about 12 hours a day if he could. We also took Grandma Maxell to the Westside Drive In for her belated birthday dinner. It was featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives! We also hit up Ricks Press Room, also featured on the show! They are both fun, delicious places to eat!

Monday was my first day back at work. It was bittersweet. I knew I would have to go back eventually, so to get back into a routine is nice. Four am, not so nice. Presley will only have three half days of daycare, which makes me very happy. It's a great daycare, with really sweet girls running the show and I can check in on them anytime throughout the day with their live camera feed! It's no Kathy or Katie, but it will do for now!

Tyler is doing really well in school! He loves Challenger and talks about how Challenger makes him "big, smart and strong!" Tyler is also in the advanced group in his class with his teacher Mrs. Roxy. She gushes about Tyler and how well he is doing all the time. It definitely makes us proud! His new found attitude... not so proud. Nothing like a kid who can put himself in timeout. We're afraid this clip below will be a future look at Mr. Attitude.

Presley has her two month appointment coming up, so we'll see how much she has grown! She is really starting to bloom. She is super smiley, especially in the morning, or right before we nurse. She is also starting to bat at and grab things. Presley would rather watch her brother run around the house then look at her toys. I've never seen a baby who would rather stare at the makings of the swing than the toys hanging above her head. She is also sleeping about 4-5 hours a stretch at night now, but this poor little girl is so gassy. We'll blame the Maxell side.

Until next time.... Ciao!

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