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19 May 2011

Miss P is ALMOST 2 months!

Oh Miss Presley, you are just about two months and you are already so spoiled. Grandma sends endless amounts of clothes, I opened a GAP card which I promised to pay off every time I use it... but in my defense, you get better deals with the card AND my credit dropped because everything is in Daddy's name. We both have killer credit, but hello, maybe I should try to raise it some more. Gap Baby is officially sold out and their stock has gone up. I know there is a Nordstrom sale soon, so expect more. I just wish I was there to buy things too. But.... drum roll... We are getting a NORDSTROM RACK at the mall!!! Oh the things we will purchase there. I mean, oh the fun we'll have looking around there... I swear!

Speaking of clothes, you LOVE your changing table. You have some really cool wall hangings that I made you, and you love to stare at them! You LOVE being dressed, and dressing up. I get the biggest smile from you as I change your clothes, and the sweetest coo's. You say Gaa, Hiiii, Goo, oooh and some other adorably cute squeaky noises. I love them. They melt my heart, and your brother goes NUTS for them. As a matter of fact, he though he heard you say his name yesterday... far shot, but it was cute.

You absolutely love your bed time routine. I can't even hold you off for five minutes. Somewhere between 7 and 7:30 you get super fussy, and I know it's your bedtime. First, we start your bath. That's when you finally quiet down. We proceed to your room where we get you undressed, bring you back to the tub, and you look so content in the water. Once we get you squeaky clean, I rush you back to your room for a lotion rub down and some jammies. Again, you start screaming because like me, you HATE to be cold. After your jammies, I swaddle you, nurse you and place you in your swing where you STILL stare at the makings of the swing and not the toys above your head. You go from side to side watching the swingie parts of the swing (Grandpa would be so proud at my technical terminology). After about five minutes you are passed out. I put you to bed and you usually get up around 1:30, then I wake you again at five to feed you before I leave for work. You are starting to get up at five on your own. Then you sleep until about 7:30. Not bad!

You already had your two month appointment where you received quite a few shots. It was a pretty cranky day for you, and you slept a lot. I actually got a nap in that day! So far, you are 11 lbs, 7 ounces and 23 1/4 inches. Miss P, you are getting so big, and so pretty, and it's all happening so fast. Just like your brother. I get so sad thinking about how just two months ago, you were still in my belly and we were all anxiously awaiting your arrival. Now you're here and you are already two months and your brother starts Kindergarten this fall. It's insane, a lot like what everyone says. You blink an eye and your kids are 18. That part breaks my heart.

Everywhere we go, people stop and tell us how beautiful you are, and you really are. I have two super good looking kids. Not only that, but I'm sure you will be just as smart as your brother who reads everything now! Everything we drive by, words on shirts, my co-workers badges. You name it. He loves to read and he loves math. He likes to give Daddy and I math problems in the car. We are usually wrong, he is ALWAYS right. Kind of like Uncle Steve. Even if he is wrong, he's right. But, usually he is right. He's a smarty, and I'm sure you will be just as smart.

Well, it's late and I really need to get to bed. My new schedule requires me to be up at 4...sometimes 4:30 if I don't wash my hair. I'm seriously lacking in the Beauty Sleep department. Actually, not only am I exhausted, I ended up with Pink Eye. Apparently I like pink so much, I got it in both eyes. Not from poop either... I believe it was from a fungus. I will NOT go into details. I puke a little every time I think about it. Anyway, I need my beauty sleep in the worst way. These raccoon eyes don't do wonders for anyone. Including me, what a shocker... right!? So, good night Presley. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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