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25 June 2011

Presley, meet Nordstrom. Nordstrom, meet Presley.

Last week we were in SLC, and what does SLC have that Boise doesn't!? NORDSTROM! It's almost like a Walker tradition to shop there! My Mom and I would go there every Saturday, have lunch and do some shopping. We would be up at the crack of dawn for every sale, and we even had personal phone calls from Nordstrom for every event! I almost didn't move to Boise because there wasn't a Nordstrom! I guess you could say that not even Nordstrom could keep me in AK, but there is one in Oregon (6 hrs away) and SLC (5 hrs away)...yes, I have them mapped out. So, anyway, I had all these grandiose ideas of where I was going to shop and most of them failed. I was so bummed out!

First thing first. We arrive Sunday afternoon in SLC. We stayed Friday and Saturday night in Wolf Creek. There were spiders in our room. Enough said. It was rainy in SLC that day and we weren't sure what to do for T's fifth birthday. Most of the fun stuff was outdoors, so we ended up doing a bbq at Aunt Kabu's house! Tyler had so much fun!

Next was Nordstrom! We met our friend Annette there for Presley's first meeting with Nordstrom. It was beautiful! The store was gorgeous. I bought a new pair of sunglasses and a shirt for myself. Everything I found for Presley was over 2T. I was super bummed, in two years a lot can change style wise. I really wished my Mom was there to shop with us, it would have been three generations of Walkers shopping together at our favorite store... maybe next summer! So, we went on to Nartjie. Bill, Mr. I HATE shopping, put his foot down and made me leave the store! He hated everything they had to offer! He said "either my kid stamps Nartjie on her forhead, or she wears the same kind of clothes your crazy aunt would wear." Well, that killed that. Next door was Janie and Jack. They had some of the cutest clothes, but holy hannah, I wasn't about to sell my liver to dress my daughter in a shirt. I left the mall pretty disappointed. The company was fantastic, the shopping...not so much :(

Next day I r-e-a-l-l-y wanted to hit the outlet mall in Park City! I was soooo excited! As soon as Bill walked in the door I loaded up the car and off we went! I was SURE to find some cute outfits for Presley there, and at outlet prices! Well, we ended up taking a wrong turn, headed up the wrong mountain and ended up 50 minutes away from the outlet. I was so bummed. I wasn't about to make the trip over there and keep P's nighttime schedule AND find time for dinner. We ended up at this fantastic Mexican restaurant where Miss P had a massive explosion and I got poop on my shorts and down my leg. I give her to Bill, since he likes to poop about 10 times a day, thinking he can change her and I can finally eat, when he returns to the table and tells me there isn't a changing table in the men's bathroom.. seriously!? WTF. I take Presley into the women's bathroom, because apparently we are the ONLY ones allowed to change our children, and the entire restaurant can hear her screaming. Another lady comes in with her little girl and gushes over how darling Miss P is, and all I can think is REALLY!? She is a DQ and this lady thinks she is adorable? I must be in Utah! But Uncle Steve says she gets it from me...whine, whine, whine.... WHATEVER!

I finally get her changed, bring her back to the table, grab my nursing cover and try to take a few bites of food AND a few sips of Bill's margarita... that's right. I was nursing my child AND had a few sips of margarita while my husband fed me sopapillas. In all fairness I had just missed the outlet mall, and been pooped on. I deserved it.

The night before we left I steal Kabita and we headed to Nordstrom Rack. Now, this is something that Boise will be getting in the near future! We head straight for kids clothing and I found a cute top and some pants for Presley, some jeans and a sweatshirt for Tyler. Total: $36.00! Kabu and I didn't have any kids with us, so we took advantage of the time away by finding the most hideous dresses and shoes for each other and laughing until our stomachs ached, which didn't take much for me because her husband John kicked my ass by making me do cross fit twice that week. It was BRUTAL and I still hurt.

Visiting Utah was great though. I mean, really... where else in the world would you find grafiti on an old building that says "Welcome Home Elder John"... but in all honesty, we had a fabulous time catching up with friends, hanging out and of course shopping. Next trip I will get to the outlet mall though. Until the next shopping spree.....

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