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01 June 2011

Princess Presley, future ballerina??

Oh how I love ANY holiday that allows me to have a three day weekend with my family. Memorial Day, where we honor the men and women who have given their lives for our amazing country, and when I decided I wanted to learn to make tutus....

I love to give myself projects, I love to craft. As a matter of fact, I am re-doing Presley's scrapbook already. I wasn't too fond of the smaller book that T so nicely put glue all over while Daddy fell asleep on the couch... I wanted a better one. Saturday night rolls around and I am cruising the internet checking out all the sales going on around the town. I stumble upon the cutest tutus and adorable babies everywhere posing in flowery hats and headbands, and tutus.. then an idea pops in my head! How hard can it be to make a tutu? It's actually quite simple! I'm now a tutu making fool! Here are the first two tutus, and headbands I've made for my future ballerina! Poor, poor Presley, but isn't she the cutest!?

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