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03 July 2011

3 Months and 5 Years

Dear Mr.T and Princess Presley,

This last month you both aged a little more, and aged us a little more. Mr.T, you turned five. It's hard to believe how big you have gotten, or how smart you are, how amazing you are with your sister or how much you talk back. You are too smart for your own good, and it gets you in some trouble. I've witnessed quite the Witty tongue, seen many time outs and have had some quality time with your sister as you spend time in your room. You are stubborn. Unbelievably stubborn, and it's not from one side or the other... it's from both. Twice as bad. Just tonight you came through our house like a tornado. In about two seconds flat, you can destroy the entire living room. I threatened to send you to Auntie Krissy's house because, like you, she can be messy too. She wasn't called Messy Marvin for nothin'. Anyway, I told you that I was going to send you to her house and you were ready to go. Seriously. You were going to leave me, Dad and Presley for Auntie Krissy and the opportunity to mess up someones house. Just as long as you didn't have to clean up after yourself anymore. But in all honesty, I can totally understand WHY you wouldn't want to clean up after yourself. Believe me, it's exhausting. So, we were on our way out the door and we told you that we could drop you off at the airport, but we would have to sell everything to get you to Auntie Krissy's house. You asked if we could send your clothes and the Lightning McQueen Lego set for Christmas. Yup. You were well on your way. We got to about two miles from the airport when you started to cry and promised to help me keep the house clean. Dad tried to make the deal a little sweeter by asking you to do what he says when he says it, but we left it at a clean house.

In all honesty, we are pretty lucky to have you. I am a lucky Momma because you really are a sweet boy. You are kind and thoughtful, smart and quite the cutie. Your preschool teacher, Mrs. Roxy, says you are so ready for Kindergarten! You can't wait to start! I was told that in the two weeks you were off for summer, you were one of the only kids that came back and didn't seem to forget how to read. Go, Dog Go! is a favorite, along with pretty much anything we find while driving around. When I cleaned out your cubby this week, I pulled out papers where you are writing sentences like " I'm proud to be and American!" ... let me just tell you, I'm proud to be your mom.

Princess Presley, you are officially three months. I can't believe how much you've changed in such a short time. I want to savor every minute of you being a baby, since you are the last baby of our house until we become grandparents, and please don't make us young grandparents. You love to talk and make squeaky noises, laugh at your brother, eat, sleep and poop. Not to forget how amazingly gassy you are. You also have acid reflux, but it seems to be getting better. If you have a bad day, we have med's for that. We also got your ears pierced this weekend. Who knew you could be any more beautiful than you already are!? Even with your reverse pattern hair growth people stop at your stroller and comment on how beautiful you are. You really are a beautiful baby, you look just like me and your Auntie Krissy as babies! Ask grandpa Walker, he has a ton of pictures to prove it too. You haven't met him yet, but you are definitely Grandpa's girl. Not one of us has been special enough to have Grandpa hand pick clothes from Nordstrom except you. He finds clothes for you all the time. Grandma will use any excuse to shop there, Grandpa goes there only for you, and lunch with Grandma :)

I love how chunky you are. Your arms and legs have rolls and dimples, your belly is always full and your cheeks are pinch able beyond belief! Not to worry though. Dad and I were both fat babies, hopefully you will be skinny like me though ;) Because of you, we have also made some amazing new friends. Nurse Bonnie and her seriously funny family! Ohmygosh! We had dinner at their house last night, and we had some of the best laughs we've had in a long time. Actually, we've met some really amazing people since we've moved here. We're pretty lucky.

As for myself, I have a session with a therapist on Tuesday. I've had a ton of anxiety since you were born. Nothing serious, but I worry about EVERYTHING. See what you all have to look forward to?! Like the show... Good Luck, Presley! XO

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