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23 July 2011

Happy 4 Months, Presley!

Dear Princess Presley,
Yesterday you turned four months and it happened so fast I didn't even realize it!  I went around all day telling people that you were three and a half months, and you were really four.  We did a lot of shopping that day... mainly Costco.  There were so many people who commented on how adorable and gorgeous you are, that your brother said "Mom, I think everyone came to Costco to see Presley today!"  So, here's what's new....

You still hate your binky.  Any binky.  We've pretty much tried them all.  You actually GAG on them, and your car seat is still your worst enemy.  God forbid it save your life one day, but apparently you still think that being a princess you should be held.  Too bad...

At daycare I've been told that you have the most distinctive cry they've ever heard.  Quite the drama queen you are.  Anything from "Aaaamaaaaa, aaaaammmmaaaa" to "SCCRRREEEEAAACCCHH!" Honestly, I have got to get it on video one day.  It's quite impressive.  You know how to get our attention, and a lot of other people's attention by being "distinctive"....

You started rolling over just a couple weeks ago.  You also hate that too.  Being on your tummy is for suckers, and whoever came up with "tummy time" is an idiot in your opinion.  But, you are already pushing off your back legs and sticking your butt up in the air.  I don't think you will hate tummy time as much when you realize that crawling is probably in your near future.  It's hard watching Tyler run around the house and not be able to keep up with him. 

Shoes.  I put a pair of shoes on you at Costco while waiting for Daddy to stop talking to the Verizon/ ATT guy.  You stared at them, smiled, tried to grab them and started giggling.  You loved them.  Shoes are great, and lets not forget jewelry.  You love my necklace!  Every time you nurse, you stop, look up at me, smile, then grab at my jewelry.  It brings a huge smile to your face to jingle the jewels.  Girl, you are going to cost daddy a fortune someday!

I took the liberty of getting your ears pierced after you turned three months.  I did research and ask around before getting them pierced, so we ended up at the mall.  Of course they set us right in front of the store to pierce your ears, and suddenly there is a crowd.  You did so well, though.  I wanted to do it early so you couldn't tug at them, and they wouldn't really bother you at three months.  By the way, for anyone who is freaking out, they do lock in the back.  They won't be coming off until I say so!  Also, speaking of me... I am still making tutu's, I've actually had some time to add to your scrapbook and I am also making you headbands with ridiculous flowers and feathers!  They look so cute on your little head!  I still want to learn to sew, I just need to find time.  As I told my therapist when she said I needed to take some things out of my day, I need more hours in the day.  Apparently, I try to squeeze in too much, am too tired, and have too much anxiety.  I'm working on it.

Auntie Linda, your godmother, sent you your very first Kate Spade bag.  It's beautiful.  Of course we took your picture with it, and we also took your picture with a Nordstrom bag.  Grandma and Grandpa loved it.  You are their "Nordstrom Girl."  Grandpa can't wait until next summer when we head up for a visit to send you to Nordstrom.  I just hope he starts saving now.  Also, Auntie Krissy just bought you a few super cute things.. one of them a "Minnie" onesie from Disney Land.. because you are our Minnie... or Mini... however you want to look at it :)  Till next month...

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