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13 July 2011

Roll Over, Baby!

Princess Presley you are officially rolling over! As of yesterday you rolled from your back to your belly, and ohmygosh, you were so mad! Perfectly content on your back, giggling and talking, then you started to roll. This isn't anything new for you, you like to roll to your side and look us in the face, big smile... lots of talking. But, this time you took it all the way, and princess, you were not happy!

You aren't exactly a big fan of "tummy time." Someone else should do it for you, so when you ended up on your tummy, it was game over. Let the screaming begin! Three times in a row.. back to tummy, then more screaming! Tyler and I laughed so hard! Later that night when Daddy came home I let him know to watch you carefully since you are rolling over now.... What does he do?! He lets you roll right out of your swing and on to the floor. Almost as fun as the time he carried your brother in his carseat while he was dangling at the ground. He proudly proclaims the "Daddy of the Year" award :)

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