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24 August 2011

Year of the Kindergartener...

Dear Tyler,

Yesterday was your first day of Elementary school, and what a bittersweet day it was! You have been excited to start Kindergarten since the day Mrs. Roxy took your class to visit a neighboring Kindergarten class last spring. It was all you could talk about all day. Now, you are in that class.. uniform and all, proud as can be! You asked me "Mom, are you going to cry?" With tears in my eyes, I said "Maybe! My little boy is getting so big!" You gave me the biggest smile, eyes beaming and told me I would be OK, and that you loved me. How is it possible that YOU had to comfort ME!? Shouldn't it be the other way around? You are so grown up and you don't even know it.
The other day I asked if you were excited to start Kindergarten. You said... and I quote...
Tyler: "Yes, I can't wait. Mom, when I go to college do they have really hard math questions there?"
Me: "Yes they do. Really hard questions."
You: "Good. I like really hard math questions."
Me: "Well, if you study hard and get really good grades you can get into any college you want, anywhere you want!"
You: "REALLY! I'm going to study really hard and get good grades!"
Really? College already? You just started KINDERGARTEN. Please, please PLEASE keep this attitude!!!
You love to ramble off math questions to us, such as: Dad, what is 100+28-97+82+100-50 equal? We could give you a fake answer and you would have NO idea, but still tell us we are right. Glad you love math because I sure don't. You lost me at 100+28.. forget the rest! You also love to read your books to Presley.  Great Grandma Kit sent you Biscuit books and you already read them with ease!  You also love to read your DogShark books.  They are way too easy for you, but you read them to sissy all the time.  She loves books too, and that's about the only time she is quiet.  When we read.

I certainly can't forget our German heritage at a time like this.  It is tradition to give your child, on the first day of school, something called a Schultute.  Your parents present you with a cone, (I decorated myself) filled with German chocolates, candies, toys and school supplies.  Yup, a crazy mixture for a wonderfully crazy tradition.  Then we embarrass you by taking your picture in front of the school holding your giant cone.  I didn't post your pictures in front of your school because you simply would not open your eyes because the sun was too bright.  So, we tried again at home.  Now we have three generations of schultute pictures!  I hope you pass this tradition on to your children someday.
Your teacher seems very promising. Her name is Olivia Cook. You think it's funny to call her Olivia Baker. When I picked you up from school she said you had a great day. You said that you were a "good listener" and that you had homework you were excited to do when you got home. Homework consisting of math, spelling and writing. You love it. Again, PLEASE keep this attitude.  As much as I love you, I really don't want you living at home forever. Not to mention by the time you graduate high school you will probably need a degree to flip burgers and wash dishes. Need I remind you, since you were two you have wanted to be an engineer that designs airplanes. That is a lot of college my dear. But, I know you can do it. You are so smart, and so ready to take on the world. Nerdy, yet the ladies love you. Dad and I are so proud of you, and look forward to hearing all the new things you are learning throughout the year.

Mom and Dad

I'm on the left (I had a schultute somewhere), and Aunt Krissy is on the right

Cousin Martin on the left, Mema on the right with Great Grandma Petrasch and Great Great Grandma Cinzel.

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