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24 September 2011

Grandpa and Uncle Steve break the barrier in Boise!

This last week we've had quite the company at our house.  My brother, Steve, and my Dad, also known as Dad or Daddoo (depending on what I'm sucking up for), Grandpa or Papa, and sometimes HEY OLD GUY.

This blog starts out kinda sad.  My brother was supposed to come down with his girlfriend, who we will call Gertrude.  Gertrude decided that she didn't want to be with Steve anymore... four days before his trip to Idaho.  Great timing, Gertrude.  You're a gem!  Poor Steve was pretty heartbroken.  As anyone in love would be.  He's now pushing his thirties, and ready to settle down... pop out some kids, all that jazz.  Let's just say that Steve hasn't had the best of luck in the girl department.  So, what does Steve do!?  He finds himself a new date... Our dad!  It kinda works out anyway because my dad was planning on visiting us sometime next month, and now I have them both.  I feel pretty lucky.  Thank you Gertrude for canceling.  By the way, when Krissy visits in the next few weeks we plan on putting him on E-Harmony or to help him find someone new.  I mean, she's going to have to put up with us anyway and a little help couldn't hurt.  It's just that Krissy and I will have high standards for our baby brother, and we're pretty picky. 

Presley and Uncle Steve
A "Walker" totem pole!
Anyway, they arrive Monday night.  Bill picks them up from the airport and brings them home.  The kiddo's are asleep, and Tyler has school the next day.  As soon as they get to our house, what's the VERY first thing I notice!?  My brother has a ghetto booty.  Oh yeah.  It's ghetto and he blames it on his "I want to be comfortable flying" pants.  He has junk in his trunk.  Kinda like Bill.  They both have big 'ol butts which means less space on the couch for me.  Not that either of them are fat, they just have bu-dunk-a-dunks.  I give everyone hugs, say good-night (cause I have to work the next day) and what does my brother do!?  Fart on my couch... seriously..... the barrier has been broken.  I have four men in my house and they all fart.  Fabulous!

This was the first real vacation Steve has ever been on (I'm so honored we got to be the first), and my Dad got to meet his newest, favorite family member, Presley.  See, I am his favorite child, although Krissy and Steve would disagree.  They're just super jealous, and it's OK.  He was pretty excited to see his grand kids, and meet the newest and last member of our family.  According to him, Presley is my little "Mini Me" and since I am his favorite, it brought back a ton of memories... of course they are his favorite memories ;)  He was so impressed with Tyler too.  We played "Restaurant" with Grandpa and Uncle Steve.  Tyler happened to make 100 pieces of pretend ham which was way too much for Grandpa, so he asked for four pieces instead.  Tyler looks at him, thinks for a few seconds and says "Well, that means I have 96 pieces of ham left" as he pretended to throw them all back in the kitchen.  Uncle Steve took the pleasure of helping him with his daily homework assignments.  Surprisingly, Tyler got stars on everything.  I am so proud of them both :)  Grandpa taught Tyler how to play Solitare on his IPad. 

Wispering sweet nothings...
Love at first sight!

Nice try, but she can't fly in the luggage.
 We didn't really have a lot of time to do many fun things.  There is so much to do here, and I think the one thing that they both enjoyed was the sunny days and the hot weather.  We spent so much time outside.  Tyler and Steve played soccer, took Grandpa on walks around the neighborhood and if nothing else, they thawed out in the driveway.    A fun day in BODO (Boise Downtown for those of you who aren't hip), and of course, the mall where I bought Presley a $68 jacket for $21!!  Oh, yeah baby!  I don't think Steve will ever walk into a Baby Gap with me again.  And, even though we didn't get to do a whole bunch of entertaining, we still had a great time with them; and whether they are lying or not, they said they had a great time with us too!  Maybe we can convince Uncle Steve, Grandma AND Grandpa to all move down here!    We miss them so much!  Tyler can't wait to see his "Best Friend" and his Grandpa again. 

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