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04 September 2011

My little perfectionist!

As I pull up to the pick up line at Challenger School, I think to myself, I really need to take a second to ask Mrs. Olivia if there is anything Tyler needs to work on over the weekend.  You see, the pickup line at school moves quickly. Not leaving much time for chit chat, and I want her to know that I really do work with Tyler outside his normal homework.

I'm next in line and I can see Tyler standing at the door waiting for his turn to get walked to the car. Big smile on his face, ready to tell his teacher that my car smells because of my lunch (something he's done all week).. just FYI, my car still smells new, delusional child. I crank my neck around and blurt out "Hello Mrs. Olivia! Is there anything Tyler should work on over the weekend?" She chuckled. I'm thinking, oh my god, this is gonna be good.... To my surprise she says " Tyler is doing wonderfully, but he's a perfectionist. He writes really well, but he wants to make all of his letters perfect. So, no. There is absolutely nothing he needs to work on over the weekend!"  I say thanks, have a great weekend.. But really??   I wasn't expecting that.  We all know how stubborn he is, he's a smart ass, and now he's a perfectionist on top of it? 

Speaking of smart ass, the other day he spilled some apple juice.  I asked him if he was a baby or a big boy.  See, he is pretty clumsy sometimes.  I do a lot of cleaning around the house... anyway, he said "Mom, I'm a big boy!"  I said to him, "Tyler, I don't know any big boys who spill apple juice all over the place."  He says to me " I know one!"  I have a feeling it's going to be a really long school year.... really long....

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