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14 September 2011

Tyler is tag free!

Today, Tyler is officially "tag free!"  He was born with a skin tag by his left ear.  We don't know why, or where it really came from.  The surgeon said that usually when the ear is developed in the womb, babies receive six tags/cartilage bumps that form into the ear.  Tyler possibly received seven.  It wasn't big, or even super noticeable, but he didn't want kids asking about it.  He made the decision to have it removed. 

We scheduled a meeting with a plastic surgeon because the tag was too big to tie off, and it needed the help of a pediatric plastic surgeon.  He gave us three options.  This is exactly why we waited for him to be a little older.  If he were any younger, they would want to knock him out completely.  We chose to sedate him...basically kid crack, numb the area, and the surgeon would be able to work his magic.  Tyler did so well that he didn't even need an IV.  It was quick and painless.  The hardest part for him was coming out of sedation. 

Bill went into the pre-op room with him when they gave him the sedative.  I personally couldn't handle it!  I cried after the phone call from the anesthesiologist.  If it were any other kid, no big deal.  My own children... big deal.  Big crying ordeal!

I honestly didn't think it would be as quick as it was.  I paid the bill, spoke to the nurse for a few minutes, she went to check on Tyler, and within a few minutes he was ready for us to go back and see.  There is nothing in the world more freaky than walking into a room to see your child sedated in a recliner, waiting for the sedative to pass through his system.  His eyes were frantically trying to focus, and he didn't move for almost 15 minutes.  The doctor let me sit with him while he recovered.  I played with his hair, gave him plenty of kisses, and told him how brave he was.  He would try and move his hands or arm, but he really had no control.  Finally when he tried to talk, it was as if we were watching a slow motion movie.  Slow and sluggish.  One of the first things he tried to say was to the office staff, "Ollo!" from the movie Mega Mind!  But, when he started talking again it was absolute nonsense!  He saw four of me, Bill had a big head and small ears, and we were all fish in an aquarium that we should all be human again by the time we got home.. ummmm...OK! 

Our biggest obstacle for the next two days??  Keeping Tyler from playing.  It's going to be a long day for us!  Tomorrow he can head back to school, but no recess for a week.  He is already board watching a movie, so we will hit the books and homework soon :)  I'm so proud of my big guy!  What a brave little trooper!

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