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21 October 2011

Fat & Sassy is 7 months, and some other catching up...

Oh, Presley.  Time sure does fly when you're having fun, doesn't it!?  I can't believe we are over half way to your first birthday.  It makes me cry just thinking about it.  You are getting so big, and so sassy.  You have turned into a real daddy's girl too.  It's like you wait up for him at night.  As soon as he walks in the door you get so excited, and across your beautiful fat face is the brightest smile!  I think daddy is also happy that he might finally have someone on his side in this house!  You have him wrapped around your little sausage finger. 

Some of your favorite things to do are:
  • Blowing raspberries.  You are very good at them.
  • Grab everything in site, and I mean everything.
  • Talking.  Lots of talking.  Especially to your brother.  You guys have the best conversations in the back of the car, all the way home.  He tells you all about his day at school, and you listen and respond to every word. 
  • Move backwards.  You get around very well, just not forwards.  We don't exactly provoke it either.  Take your time, sweetheart.  We haven't exactly baby proofed the entire house yet.  Oops!
  • You are finally OK with your car seat.  What a HUGE relief!
  • There are two adorable teeth in your little Angelina mouth.  Precious.
  • You still get up once a night.  Thank you for that, the HUGE bags under my eyes, the inability to concentrate during the day and the ability to fall asleep at the drop of a hat just because I am that tired are impressive.  I'm currently trying to find a way to hook a coffee IV to my arm.  Any ideas??
Some of your nicknames are:
  • Sissy
  • Tubba Wubba
  • Pretty Presley
  • Princess Presley
  • Pretty Girl
  • little Miss B... for those days....

Princess, you are a girly girl to the tee.  Just the other day we were at the mall.  Daddy was carrying you, and he walked past a bright, shiny jewelry store.  Your eyes lit up like Christmas, your arms flailed around in excitement, and the biggest coos, ahhhs and gooos came out of your mouth.  First think your dad says?  "Oh, that's not a good sign!"  But it IS!  He says "Why is it a good thing?"  I say "because it's jewelry!"  He says "And it costs money."  Sorry... he wins this one.

I also started making your baby food.  It's amazing the difference in fresh fruits and vegetables, compared to the store bought baby food.  Not to mention how relatively easy it is... even I can do it, that's how easy it is!  We all know how much I just LOVE the kitchen, and LOVE to cook.  Do you sense the sarcasm!?  Well, you should.  But, this is so easy and simple, and so much better for you!  Why didn't I think of this when Tyler was a baby?  I also have stored more milk in the freezer than we know what to do with.  As a matter of fact, Uncle Steve called me the other day. 

"Hey Sis, Do you know that you can sell your breast milk online?  You can make a TON of money from that stuff!  Too bad I'm not at your house anymore!  I could be rich!"

Drawer 1
Drawer 2

My own brother.  Trying to pimp out my milk.  So wrong on so many levels.  I have considered selling some just to satisfy my sweet tooth for shopping.  I've had the itch lately, and finally for myself and not everyone else in the family.  Man are there things I really want to buy.....  Shhhh... I did buy some new boots from DSW, and a new top and belt.  That can be our dirty little secret ;)

Made the dress myself!  Happy 7 months, beautiful!

Aren't they super adorable!?

Everyone wants to help.

Love... melts my heart!

Momma's big blue eyes

On to your brother, Mr.T.  He aced another math and spelling test!  He is totally in love with school.  He was a "Challenger Champion" the other day!  You can only be a challenger champion when your teacher recognizes you doing something really well and gives your name to the headmaster.  Tyler went to class, put his things away, sat at his desk and started writing down everything on the board.  He didn't want to dilly dally, it was business time, game face, game on.  Mrs.Cook saw his business face and put his name in.  The headmaster, Karren (great name, even with the extra "r") called his name over the intercom during morning announcements and he was sent to her office for a sticker.  Absolute heaven.  I can't wait for the days when stickers are no longer a prize and he demands money or toys or books, or maybe to take over the world.  Honestly, he'd be better in charge than our current "in charge"... oh, did I say that out loud!?  In all honesty, he's probably better suited to be in charge than most people I know.  Oh the possibilities with him. 

This weekend we are having our annual family pictures done!  We are headed to the State  Penitentiary for some pretty cool old buildings, so fitting for our family.  We might just leave Bill there.  Locked up with the ghosts.  Our photographer this time around is the super talented Stefani Marie, recommended by some awesome friends.  I can't wait to meet her tomorrow.  I've got some fun pictures in mind!  Then on Sunday we promised to take Tyler to Farmstead pumpkin patch and corn maze.  Mind you, I will not be going through the maze.  I'm definitely not interested in running into spiders and feeling lost in the middle of a ginormous maze.  Dad and Tyler can have at it.

Zoolander reference.  Oh yea, we go there all.the.time.


Other than that, I promise to start blogging more.  I just realized it has been almost a month since my last hurrah!  Back to business!  Talk to you all soon!  XO

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