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29 October 2011

Happy Saturday!

We weren't sure if today was even going to happen... On Tuesday, I was actually feeling really good. I had energy, some spunk, I was excited to be off work and picking up my wonderful kiddos. I arrive at Tyler's school, and his teacher brings him to the car. She leans in as Tyler starts to buckle himself in and says to me...
"I had to have another talk with Tyler today. He was busy talking, not focusing on his work and trying to be funny during class. I moved him to another table. Conferences are coming up next week, and I might schedule a meeting with you and Bill about how we can keep him focused in class, and less talkative. Not to worry though, most of the kids in class are struggling with the same issues."
I was ready to cry! She closed the door and my mind was racing! My perfect child was not so perfect in class!? OK, so anyone that knows Tyler, knows this is probably expected. He's not a super hyper kid, but he likes to stay busy. So, what do I do!? I threaten to take him out of school, threaten to keep him from his friend Ava's Halloween party, and tell him that if he doesn't shape up he will NOT go to Farmstead this weekend. I told him how upset and disappointed I was. We do not send him to a private school to goof off all day. He is allowed to socialize at recess. This is SERIOUS business! What does he say?
"Mom, I don't like it when you are mad at me! If you were just upset, it would be OK, but you are mad. I don't like you to be mad at me."
I felt pretty bad... but really!? I wasn't about to become that parent who ends up in the principals office once a week because my child likes to talk too much! So, for the rest of the week I received good reports from his teacher, and in return he received stars (her highest marks) on all his classwork and 100% on his math and spelling tests! Well, even though he is talking too much in school, he usually gets 100% on his tests anyway... a little proud moment for me ;)

So, today almost didn't happen.

Farmstead was great fun though! What a wonderful day, hanging out, just the four of us. We had great weather, happy kiddo's and corn mazes up the wazoo! Did I mention we are a few days away from November and it's sunny and almost 70 degrees!? HOLLA! Tyler wanted to go through the corn maze in the worst way! So, off to Phase 1 we went. Phase 2 apparently takes 1.5 hours. No thanks. Phase 1 we went. At first it was pretty cool. It didn't seem like we had gone very far. I mean, the guy at the ticket booth said it was about a 30 minute maze. We walk around for about 20 minutes and we find a look out bridge and see this.....

We obviously had a long way to go before we get back out of this maze. Did we buy a map? Of course not! That is definitely NOT the Maxell way.   Did I wear the proper shoes to be walking around a maze?  Of course not.  They don't go with my outfit.  By that time, Tyler was already tired of the maze, and ready to find something else to do. Well, son... we can't just exit the maze. We have to find a way out. Hence, the purpose of a maze. We finally find the exit (thank god because I have NO clue how to build a house out of corn), and head to a bounce house, a race track and of course, you can't leave the Farmstead without visiting a pumpkin patch. Oh yeah, and as soon as we exited the maze, there was a big group of people ready to walk through the same maze. What does Bill say out loud? "Finally, we've only been here since 8 AM." Oh, the looks we got from those poor people....

Tyler is currently at his friend, Ava's, Halloween party. I had a little anxiety dropping him off. I'm a freak. I worry about everything. Bill makes fun of me for it, but I can't help it. When he is not in my direct eyesight, I worry. I know he is fine. Our house is quiet right now. He is out having a fabulous time with his friend, who he says he is going to marry someday. Her parents are dressed as the Sister Wives which is AWESOME, and so fitting for the Idaho/Utah area!

On another note, check out the dress I made Sweet P last night! Thank you Aunt Tammy for finding this for me! I got to work Friday, logged into FIM (instant messenger at work) and first thing Tammy says to me!? "Did you see what I posted on your FB?!" Well, as soon as I saw it, I knew I was leaving work early to find fabric and start that baby! Here are the results! Happy Saturday!

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