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23 November 2011


Dear Tyler,

I know it's taken me a few days to write this, but I believe God wanted me to wait for a reason.  Today I write you for two reasons.  One is pure awesomeness, the other broke my heart.  I cried for both, was as proud as a parent can be and then a few days later, left so very confused and saddened.

First, you earned your Golden Key at school.  THE SECOND KID IN CLASS!  YES!  Unbelievable, absolutely not.  You are a sharp kiddo.  This means that you have mastered your irregular vowels, digraphs, consonant blends, silent letter combinations and your one and two vowel combinations.  Don't ask us what any of that means, but you do.  And well.  You only have 11 more books left from your list of 40.  We take turns reading pages from The Box Car Children book that you are currently reading.  I read most, then you ask for a page here and there.  Needless to say, we are so very proud of you!

Then, my dear little boy, as I was pulling into our driveway I received a call from YOUR PRINCIPAL.  Yup, your principal called me.  My first thought was that you were talking in class and not paying attention to your teacher.  I can handle that.  But those were not the words that came out of her mouth.  She told me that during your recess you hit a friend and kicked another.  I was at a loss for words.  Are we even talking about the same child!?  Tyler?  Like, Tyler... Maxell?!  There is NO way.  I probably sounded like a babbling idiot.  I didn't know what to say.  All I could say is that you never hit people.  You know better.  You were sitting in the principals office, upset by what you had done, and I was on the other line in shock.

I collected myself and drove to your school.  OK, I thought I collected myself.  I sat in the pickup line and told myself over and over.  I will not cry.  I am fine.  I WILL NOT cry!  You are a five year old little boy.  Boys do crazy things sometimes.

You're principal and your teacher walked you to my car.  My little pep talk failed.  I rolled down my window, signed your incident report and asked if you should write letters of apology to your friends.  Tears streaming down my face.  She tells me that you are a great kid, you had a bad day, they LOVE having you at Challenger and that you will be just fine.  I cried all the way home.  You told me that your friends didn't want to play with you, so you got mad.  I explain that you can't keep friends by hitting them.  Apparently Samantha is still your friend despite kicking her.  Darling Mr.T, you cannot whack a girl and expect her to like you.  We are not cavemen, and it doesn't work that way.

We get back to the house.  I make your dinner, you finish your homework and off to bed you went.  5:40 PM.  I know this won't be the last time you end up in the principals office, but next time let's make it something good, like your Golden Key...OK?!  I promise to remember that you are only five, and that you are still little and not big.  You are going to have faux pas, and nobody is perfect.  We all have bad days and that we LEARN from them.  I promise to continue to lead you in the right direction as best I can, and we can learn and grow together.  You are my first, and parenting can come with many books, but none of them can prepare you for reality.  Nobody is perfect and God has a plan.  My comfort yesterday was that I know everything happens for a reason and that despite what happened you will hopefully learn a life lesson and that everyone is OK.  I love you, booger.  Always try your best to be good, and good will come to you in return.


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