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22 November 2011

Sweet P is 8 months!

Dear Presley,

Yesterday you turned 8 months, the same day your really old grandpa turned 69.  I don't know which is more shocking.  That you are already 8 months, or that my dad is almost 70.  I know I  have said this a million times before, but time goes by too quickly.

So, lets see... What have you been up to this last month?!  Well, you are climbing up on everything and walking along furniture.  I don't think it will be long before you try your first steps!  You are so inquisitive and so happy.  Except, when you aren't happy.  Everyone in the house, and probably a few neighbors know about it.  It's usually around bed time.  You are all about your bed time.  7 PM, BAM!  Cranky baby.  I don't even bother putting you in the swing anymore.  You get a bath, a boob and straight to bed because you are passed out!  No need to dilly dally!  Not to forget something VERY important... you are sleeping through the night!   Hallelujah! Not only does the entire family appreciate it, I'm sure most of my coworkers do as well.

Lovin' your big brother

Oh yeah, you better believe I bought you some "boots with the fur (with the fur)!"
People still stop us all the time to tell us how beautiful you are.  You steal the thunder from other babies too (oops!).  There are only two teeth in your mouth which are pretty visible now, and you are actually getting hair on your head!  Something your brother didn't have until he was about three!  It's just as light as Tyler's hair, but a little different.  It can also look darker shades in different light where as your brother is just platinum blond.  People pay BIG BUCKS to have that hair color.  Trust me, I know!  Oh, also, the noises that come out of your mouth... There are about three different kinds of raspberries that you blow, b's, w's, combinations, ga's goo's... you name it.  When you cry it always sounds like you are calling for me "Aaaaammmmmmaaaaaaa!  Amaammaaaamaaaaaa!"  You love to stay busy, and everything that you touch is new and exciting.  Both you and Tyler look so much alike, yet have such different personalities; meaning, you are definitely all girl and your brother is definitely all boy.  Daddy and I love to just watch you, and it never fails.  Daddy will always turn to me and say " She is the most adorable baby girl, ever!" I have to agree! 

Custom made tutu and headband, by yours truly ;)
So, I guess that's it for now.  Your dad and I can't really think of anything else to share with you at the moment.  Until next month, Sweet P! 


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