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30 November 2011

Thanksgiving Festivities!

This last week, has been so insanely busy!  The week of Thanksgiving is usually pretty quiet for us.  It's mostly just us, hanging out, or headed to a friends house since we moved away from everyone.  No offense to our AK peeps, but MAN is it nice not running around town to visit everyone and their brother!  Especially with little ones in the car.  We get to start our own traditions with our own little family!  But, this year we had Auntie Krissy and Ethan in town.  A mad, frantic whirlwind of shopping, cooking, kids, clothes, toys, more shopping, knitting, unused sewing machines, more shopping, lots of pictures and the dreaded stomach flu.  Definitely not the norm!  For anyone that doesn't know my sister very well, you might not know how messy she is.  As a matter of fact, her nickname is Messy Marvin.  True story.  Her son is just like her, and so is mine.  Some days I walk into his room and ask him "Tyler, are you Auntie Krissy's child?"  He will say "No!" But, as messy as he is, he could definitely be hers... It makes me wonder... Can messiness be inherited?  Is it passed through the genes?  Well, maybe for another time.

For anyone who knows me, I am over the top OCD.  If my house is messy, my head feels messy.  I get a little cranky and panic, anxiety overload.  Well, I spent a week following people around the house like the little robot from Wall-E, M-O (whose name stands for Microbe Obliterator).  Beep!  Foreign contaminate!  Beep!  Tyler's room looked like a bomb exploded roughly three to four times a day, as well as my kitchen, dining room and living room.  Lord knows I love these people so very much, but my little OCD brain exploded!  Auntie Krissy spoiled the boys with toys.  Every time we left the house, they had a new toy box to open or wrappers to throw away.  I think we beat out most of our neighbors combined in the trash department on trash day.  Our neighbors probably thought we were celebrating Christmas early.  Thank you Krissy for the boost in the Boise economy! 


Can we say BIG FEET!?

There were so many things that we wanted to do, and did do.  Krissy taught me to crochet a hat for Presley, we did a TON of shopping, watched our favorite shows together, made some a-mazing Oreo cupcakes, had a girls only shopping day with lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, gelato martinis and pedicures, saw The Muppets, just to name a few.  What we didn't do?  We didn't spend Thanksgiving together.  Yup.  Krissy, who was going to cook and bake with Bill, ended up with the stomach flu.  Nothing like trying to make a delicious dinner, and your sister is in the bathroom throwing up EVERY HOUR, and poor Bill ended up using my help for dinner.  Bill and I felt so incredibly bad for her.  She came out at one point to say hello, and I gave her my heating blanket and banished her back to the guest room for the day.  The other thing we didn't get to do, midnight Black Friday shopping.  Darn flu!!!  It ruined all plans for 24 hours.  But honestly, shopping Toys R Us at noon the next day was a lot more pleasant.  Same deals, less crowd.  I have a feeling that soon enough, Black Friday won't even exist.  Especially as early as retailers start their "Holiday" shopping.  I don't know about your area, but Walmart, Michaels and Craft Warehouse all had Christmas decorations available right after Halloween!  Come on people!  Let's celebrate ONE holiday at a time!  Really!?

So, this was also the first time that Krissy met Sweet P!  She was SO in love with her.  Presley is such a happy baby, and brings a smile to anyone that she meets.  She makes you feel like a million dollars.  Lately, though, Presley has been having separation anxiety.  If I am available, there is NO ONE in the world that can make her happy.  So, I walk around the house with a baby attached to my hip everywhere I go.  Not even Bill or Krissy can suffice.  I honestly LOVE the attention though.  The thought that she only wants me at this very moment is humbling.  I know it won't last forever, so I will enjoy it while I can!  I also think that Presley was a little intimidated by the amount of talking Krissy and I can do because within the last week she has ERUPTED with chatter.  She's usually pretty quiet and inquisitive, but when Krissy and I were yakin' away, she wanted to join in the conversation!  Dada this, Dot Dot that... lots of adorable baby sweet talk which only made our crazy conversations that much better!

November 23rd was our 8 year anniversary... 8 years!  That is 56 celebrity years!  I wasn't planning on doing anything.  I told Bill that I hadn't even bought him a card yet, you know, maybe we should reschedule for when we had more time!?  So, Krissy was sweet enough to book her and I at a little Basque restaurant called Epi's.  Great food, great people!  I though we were going to take the kids, dress up a little and Krissy would be my date for our anniversary.  I head to the bathroom to get dressed and fix up my makeup and I can hear the garage door opening.  It was getting dark and I was afraid the kids were going to play outside.  Bill walks in the door.  I had NO idea he was coming home.  He surprised me earlier in the morning by putting a wrapped up sewing machine on my bathroom sink with a card!  I look over at his sink, where there is another carefully wrapped gift with another card addressed to "Billy Boo Boo!"  He bought himself a bigger crockpot and wrote in the card "To my sexy man, I love you!"  Really!?  We spent the evening dining at one of our favorite spots, Ricks Press Room, then he surprised me by taking me to Trans-Siberian Orchestra!  Holy talent!  It was one of the most incredible shows I have ever seen!  I was waiting to hear someone complain that they were singing about GOD, angels and Christmas.  TSO surely couldn't be PC, right!?  Another reason to LOVE it!  I LOVE my husband.  Spontanious and romantic! 

Plans for this weekend?  CLEAN MY HOUSE (it's seriously making me so cranky), put up our Christmas tree and decorate the house.. maybe get in a nap!  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend :)  xo

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