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23 December 2011

Happy Nine Months!

Dear Sweet P,
     Yesterday you turned nine months.... NINE MONTHS!!  I can't even begin to tell you where this last month went, except to tell you that Christmas is in a few days and this has been one of our busiest months yet.  So, don't judge me if I can't remember all the latest happenings. 

Well, we've yet to see Santa, so you haven't been able to ask him for your Nordstrom card just yet.  You ended up with pink eye, and you are totally READY TO WALK!  You constantly remind us of every little thing that needs to be baby proofed in our house.  I just follow you around and baby proof.  Ohmygosh, and talk about busy.  Nothing is safe.  Nothing.  I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've redecorated our Christmas tree, re wrapped presents or taken snowflakes, ornaments or Christmas lights out of your mouth.  Oh, and god forbid we take anything away from you.... this is what we have to deal with.....

It's a good thing we have one really sweet, patient dog and one super quick dog.  Dot just runs away from you with an annoyed look on her face as you scream for her " DOTDOTDOT!"  Poor Lola just takes the beating.  Rattles to the head, she's your personal jungle gym.  You pull her ears, lips and tail and when you get excited your arms just whack everything within reach, flailing around.  Lola doesn't mind though.  She doesn't even move most of the time.  This dog has a special place in heaven someday for dealing with you, along with a reward I'm sure.   

I have two words to describe you. Feisty Diva. Yup. When our friends would tell us how much drama girls were, I really had NO idea.  Which is really stupid on my part.  I'm a girl, I grew up with a sister who BREATHES drama, I should have seen this coming... right!?  No.  I honestly didn't see this coming at nine months.  I saw this coming at maybe 13 years.  Who knew that feisty could start so early?  I mean, the differences between you and Tyler at this age are astounding! Tyler was such a happy, easy going baby.  He was so easy to redirect and distract.  You, my dear are the complete opposite.  You are the yin to Tyler's yang.  I mean, really.  How dare we remove your little fingers from the light socket.  How dare we put you in the swing for five minutes!  How dare we try to keep you still while we wipe your butt!  And why on earth weren't my tata's readily available for you five minutes ago before you even knew you were hungry?!  I mean REALLY!?  We, as your parents are obviously holding you back.  Stifling your creativity.  It's your world and we are just lucky enough to be part of it...OK!?  DON'T YOU PEOPLE GET IT!!!  The only time you say "Mama" is when you are mad and want something.  Then it's "Dadadadada" "Lalalalalala" or "Dotdotdot".. sometimes it's "TTTTT" which I guess is for Tyler.  Let's just say you have a lot to talk about, and you are very vocal.

Honestly, you are a pretty happy baby.  You have the most beautiful smile.  It's big like mine, but with pouty lips.  Big, blue, beautiful eyes.  Those were also a gift from me.  I'm known for my big eyes and big bright smile, and I love that you have inherited them too.  Just whatever you do, make sure your eyes don't look like they are popping out of your head in pictures.  Auntie Tammy will nickname you Obbie Waffoff Jr.  Watch out!  I also secretly love that you still look just like my baby pictures except I think you have more hair!

I love to squeeze your little thunder thighs,  and pinch your chubby, soft cheeks.  Who knew that open mouth, drooly kisses could be so wonderful!?  Usually that would end a date right away, but not with a baby!  They are the best!  I love how much you need me, when you reach for me or cry when I leave the room.  We have a secret bond. 

I love that in the car you sing with your brother!  Just the other day he was singing something Christmas-y and you were "lalala-ing" right along!  I love waking up on the weekends when I hear Tyler climb into your crib, and all the laughter that fills the house.  I love how much you two laugh together.  It really is the best.  You look up to your big brother so much.  Toys are no fun unless they come from him, or are his in general.  Baby toys are for...babies!  Tyler's toys are much more fun to play with, along with my phone (which has probably called many random people), daddy's xbox, the laptop, speakers, blue ray player... just to name a few of your preferences.

Christmas is in a few days and I am so excited to start new traditions.  Maybe church, open a gift, watch a Christmas movie and sip hot chocolate until we pass out.  Doesn't that sound delish?!  One of my all time favorite movies to watch during Christmas is You've Got Mail.  I know it's not exactly a Christmas movie, but I love to watch it during Christmas.  Tyler even wrote a letter to Santa for you!  Not only that, but in eight days we leave to Hawaii to celebrate Christmas with the Maxell's!  We're going to have so much fun in the sand and sun, playing in the water.  You will finally meet your great grandma, your grandpa Maxell, Aunt Patty and Uncle Clif.  We have a lot of catching up to do! 

Until next month.  Happy nine months!


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