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22 January 2012

Happy 10 Months, Presley!

Dear Sissy,

Yesterday you officially turned 10 months!  Can you believe it?!  Once again, I can't.  This officially means that I have 2 months to plan your first birthday.  I'm sad.  Not only that, but I have no idea what to do for your birthday, or where to have it.  I'm leaning toward our house.  It's also a great excuse to see all our friends again!  We haven't had much time to see anyone, and the time that we do have (weekends) we spend as a family.  I promise it will be a birthday to remember though.  Go big, or go home!  The color pink is going to throw up in our house! 

Here are a few things you've been up to this past month.
  • We went to Hawaii!  You were quite the beach beauty!
  • You scream.  At everything.  Car seat= Scream.  Bed= Scream.  Take something away= Scream.  Set you down= Scream.  You get the picture.  Not just an "oh, I'm in the carseat or crib" scream, you know that you are about to be put in the carseat and scream, or if you fall asleep and I start the walk to your room.... SCREAM.  Impossible.
  • You had a MAJOR growth sprut, and your doctor is super impressed with what you are doing at 9 months! 
  • You love to clap!
  • I can't leave your site.  I can't even go pee without you hunting me down and beating on the door.
  • You can stand by yourself, in the middle of the room!
  • YOU TOOK YOUR FIRST STEPS, and haven't really done much with it since :(
Friday I received a package from my parents.  I had no idea what was inside.  I opened it up to find this....

Apparently, my parents are cleaning house and went on a stroll down memory lane.  Not only did I receive a box filled with pictures, but so did Aunt Krissy and Uncle Steve.  I love pictures, so this gift means so much to me.  Tyler has really enjoyed digging through the box and trying to figure out how old I was in the picture, where I might have been or what I might have been doing.  Pictures are worth a thousand words, and I'm so glad I take every opportunity to take pictures of you and your brother.  Now you and your brother get to see where you inherited your adorable-ness from ;)  haha!  This is what you get to look forward to someday......

Diva in training....

Krissy, Steve and I on the far left.  He looks so happy!

I think Krissy still sucks her thumb..  haha ;)

Mom xo

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