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14 January 2012

Hawaii... THE place to be! Where do I even start?!  I'm sitting at my computer and there are a million different things going through my head.  We forgot our laptop, so I couldn't document things as they happened like I normally do with my blog.  I'm having to write about an entire week and a half in one sitting.  Be prepared, this is going to be l-o-n-g!Lets start with day one, two and three.   We met up with Jana, Jon and Tristan at our timeshare in Kona, six hours later than we should have been.  (See previous blog entry for details....)  It was great to see familiar faces and finally get a chance to relax.  We spent the first day shopping at Target and relaxing on the beach, actually, it was the same day that Uncle Jon taught Tyler the "B" word.  An obvious momentous occasion!  The conversation kinda went like this as we were getting ready to leave the beach....
Uncle Jon " Mark sent us a text last night that said "Have fun in Hawaii, bitches!"
Me "Haha!  That's pretty funny!"
Tyler "Are we done packing yet, bitches?"
What can I say?!  You learn something new everyday, right!?  He even used it in the right context!  Proud moment for us all.  When you have a five year old that can read, you can't even spell those words to him.  He will sound it out, and say it out loud.  Bill and I have to text each other from across the room when we want to share something in private. 

First beach in Kona!
Day two.  There is so much to do on The Big Island.  We had a lot of decisions to make before we met up with the rest of the family, so the next day we headed off to Akaka Falls.  I don't think any of us expected it to be an all day trip, but it was.  Over two hours of driving from the Kona side of the island to the Hilo side of the island, which meant at least a two hour drive back in the dark, and if you've ever been through the island you would know that all the street lights (when there were any) were yellow due to the observatory, which took some getting used to.

The waterfall was beautiful, worth the long drive and the ghetto tour of Hilo!?... Probably not.  I'll stick to the Kona side of things.  But here we are enjoying the day and OMG, I got to try out an Ergo Baby.  Best carrier EVER.  Both Presley and I were happy and comfortable.  I was so ready to take the plunge and make the purchase, but Jana was nice enough to let us borrow theirs since Tristan is almost four and about 50+ pounds.  Heaven!
We also visited the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut factory that same day.  Needless to say... out of the six boxes we bought, I've already eaten two.  Oops!

LOVE the Ergo Baby!
Day three, we moved from our timeshare to the Hilton Waikoloa.  Words cannot even describe how amazing the Hilton Waikoloa is.  You can spend an entire week there and never leave the hotel.  There is so much to do, and it is so incredibly beautiful, you can definitely stay busy! There are two ways to travel around this humongous hotel.  Boat or Tram.  Bill and I decided to take the family on a ride around the complex in the boat.  That alone felt like an excursion!  There were so many things to see, so many places to go.  There was not enough time to cram in all in... another excuse to visit the island again!

After we arrived at the Hilton, there was so much we did the entire week!  We spent a lot of time at the pool with fun toys, played in the lagoon which is fed from the ocean.  All sorts of fish and sea turtles swim around in the lagoon, the sand felt incredible between our toes.. and the sun... oh, the sun.  I love the sun!  Bill and Tyler rented a Kayak at the lagoon and were right next to sea turtles!  Tyler was in heaven!  We named them Crush and Squirt, we also sang "Lets Name The Zones!", or the only part of the song we actually know....

Also at the hotel is a pretty neat water slide.  Tristan wasn't quite tall enough to qualify, but he is a thrill seeker if I ever saw one!  Everyone started to head over to the slide, and I sure wasn't going to go down it, so I took my pool wrist band off and put it around Tristan's wrist.  If anyone was going to enjoy this slide, it would be him.  This kid has more balls than most adults I know.  I believe he will be the next Evil Knievel.  Tyler, not so much.  He's a ladies man, and a pretty boy.  Not really a thrill seeker, much to Bill's dismay.  But, the boys hit the slide and had a great time! 

We went to a luau which was a ton of fun.  I love to people watch, and how can you go wrong with half naked guys dancing around!?  Oh, and not to forget the guy who went through the buffet like three times!  He didn't wait for the entire table to go, he went as soon as they started serving food, and he went back 3 TIMES, plate piled high, then sat next to poor Aunt Patty with his shirt hiked up over his belly!  He was impressive!  As my mom always says " It takes all kinds of people to make the world go 'round."  If his belly was any bigger, it might have it's own gravitational pull.

Jana and I spent quality time at time at the Spa.  We had a couples massage thanks to our hubbies!  It was much needed after many restless nights.  Princess Presley wasn't happy sleeping in between Bill and I, and she wasn't happy in a pack and play.  I was pretty exhausted.  Massage is the answer to everything.  Tired, massage.  Stressed, massage.  Happy, massage.  Mad, massage.  Headache, massage.  Kinda like chocolate, cures everything.  So, Jana and I both had a fabulous massage, then headed to the steam room where Cathy met back up with us.  I was a little overwhelmed in there.. steam everywhere.  It was hot and I could barely see the door... but it was nice for a minute!

Then we had the sight of a lifetime!  On our snorkel excursion we headed out to one of the reefs that inspired the movie Nemo.  We started out of the harbor, and about half way to the reef there was a Whale Shark sighting!  OMG, Discover Channel moment!  According to the captain of our ship, this was once in a life time event.  It's rare to see a Whale Shark and he (I'm just going to assume it's a boy shark) came right to our boat, and he was GINORMOUS.  Absolutely incredible.  It's right up there with the time that Bill and I saw humping turtles in the middle of the ocean in Costa Rica. 

We arrived at the reef and I left the snorkeling to the boys.  Presley also took a trip around the boat, I think she will be our water baby.  As for myself, I'm not much of a swimmer.  I HATE my head under water.  I'll enjoy the ocean from the Discovery Channel or the movie Nemo, then I'll call it good.  That way I can stay dry and work on my tan :)  OMG, and Tyler puked on Bill's back while snorkeling!  He thought he swallowed fish pee from the ocean... thanks Aunt Jana for telling him that fish pee in the ocean. 

Dolphins.  Don't you think that dolphins are just about the cutest animals in the world?!  They are so smart, playful, inquisitive.  Well, we got to play with some!  Great Grandma Kit bought a 10 minute photo op with some dolphins!  How can something so wet and rubbery be so cute and cuddly?  The boys got to feed them fish, and we got some really neat pictures.  The dolphins happened to be right in front of our hotel room, so we watched them swim and play all the time.  And what is even cuter than a dolphin?  A baby dolphin.  Precious.  There was a baby in the pool next door, he was only 4 months old.  These must be pretty happy dolphins if they are making adorable babies!

Bill and Jon had planned a deep sea diving excursion the very last day we were in Hawaii.  Remember when I said that the Maxell's like to plan things last minute, or arrive at the last minute?  Well, guess who planned their diving trip at the last minute.  Yup.  So, Bill had to be out of the water 24 hours before our flight left.  Well, that morning Jon receives a phone call.  The trip was canceled due to a rough sea.  Talk about cranky people for the first half of the day!  WOW.  So, they brought the snorkel gear back, the rental car back and hung out at Kona Brewing Factory consoling each other with beer. 

Well, you might imagine there are a TON of Japanese tourists in Hawaii.  They were everywhere.  Full of fashion, always smiling (I guess when you are in Hawaii you always smile anyway), so nice and polite.  Needless to say they were obsessed with Presley.   No joke.  There were at least three people who took random pictures of her (that we know of), and countless people that cooed over her blond hair and big blue eyes.  She is probably on some random facebook page as we speak, part of someones "trip to Hawaii" folder.  People went crazy over her, Tyler too, but not as much as a beautiful, chunky, blue eyed, happy baby!  I think she formed a complex too.  Now everywhere I take her, she smiles at random people like "Hi!  Here I am!  Don't you think I'm just the cutest thing ever!?" And it works....  We're going to have MAJOR issues someday.  Also, speaking of Presley, she had Uncle Clif wrapped around her little pinky!  She LOVED Uncle Clif, and I'm pretty sure the feeling was mutual.  Great Grandma Kit also bought her a new pair of pink shoes.  She wouldn't let them go, so we had to wheel her around the other side of the register for the cashier to scan them.  Presley loves her new shoes, and her Great Grandma Kit!

Tyler had his fare share of admirers too.  There was a group of girls from New York.  They were part of a college class studying something to do with business and international marketing blah blah blah.  Tyler met them one night while putting his swim trunks outside to dry.  They were our neighbors.  These girls gushed over Tyler every time we saw them.  At the pool, the luau, in the hall, elevators... you name it.  "OMG!  It's Tyler!  He's so cute!  We love you, Tyler!"  He ate it up....  He also tried to show Tristan how to flirt with the ladies.  I don't think he was as interested.   Especially since Tristan insisted we had a "No Grils" table.  Yes, Grils.  The girls were grils.  So, anytime we went to dinner there was a grils table, and a boys table.  Who wants to sit with the stinky boys anyway!?

Oh, and I got so many compliments on how well behaved our kids were on the airplane!  We weren't THOSE people!  Excited, yes!!!  Then on the way back from Kona to Seattle we had a male flight attendant who gave Bill a free beer (which automatically makes him Bill's best friend), and a free Digi Player, because he knows what it's like to fly with kids.  I, on the other hand, was in a Xanax induced coma, asleep on the tray table, nursing a sleeping baby.

Did I mention the shopping? Ok, so there is a Kings Marketplace and a Queens Marketplace. Queens had the more affordable shops, Kings were the expensive shops. Jana, Cathy, Patty, Cliff and I spent an evening in the Kings shops.!! I bought the boys some new shirts, and found the cutest shop. Cinnamon Girl. Cutest girl clothes ever, and you can buy a matching outfit for yourself too! Presley and I now have the same adorable girlie top. Awesome! I also found an adorable sun hat. Summer needs to get here RIGHT NOW! I must wear my new hat!

After I got back to the hotel, Bill and I had to finishing packing, talk about depressing. I went to lay down in bed and there was a bag from Na Hoku!  Bill surprised me with a plumeria necklace!  The five petals represent sincerity,  faith,  devotion, aspiration and surrender  I have the best husband! I had NO idea! He's so romantical, in a sneaky way ;)

The biggest faux pas of the trip... here is a real laugh for you.  So, before I left for Hawaii, I was having a conversation with one of my girlfriends about not buying any new bikini's to accommodate the bigger tata's.  I figure, they won't be this big forever, so why buy something I can't continue to use!?  My friend suggested "tucking" them in as best as I could.  Sure!  I figured that would work!  Well, I'm sitting down at the pool with Presley and Jon, waiting for the rest of the group to join us when all the sudden the back of my bikini top snaps off!  It flung around my neck like a sling shot.  So freaking embarrassing.  Luckily the pool wasn't crowded and Jon saw nothing, he was sitting in front of me.  I quickly pull a towel over myself and ask Jon to take Sweet P.  It definitely made for a good laugh.  I'm sure someone pool side received a free show.....

I guess that pretty much sums up the trip.  It was fabulous.  I want to go back, right now.  I want to stay until I have island fever.  All I have to say is..... At least I didn't have to come back to A MILLION FEET OF SNOW!!!  LOL!!!  Keep it there my Alaskan friends!

Till next time,

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