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01 January 2012

Kona, here we come.... Maybe, maybe not...

Oh.My.Gosh.  I can't believe I am actually in Kona, writing this blog right now..  Unbelievable.  Not only because I am actually in Hawaii, but because for two different reasons we were almost delayed a day or so. 

Friday was awful!  I ended up sick for the third time this year.  Yup!  Count em... THREE TIMES!  I ended up back at the doctor because I wasn't sure why I felt so awful, or what I could take to make sure I would be able to fly alright.  What does the doctor tell me?  You either have one of three things.  Strep, influenza or a virus.  I was panicked!  I asked her if I would be able to fly, and she said she wasn't sure!  WTH!  Seriously!?  Come hell or high water I'm going to Kona!  They tested me for strep, which I have NEVER had strep.  It came back negative.  One test down.  Then some kid came in to test me for influenza.  Who shoves a q-tip that far up your nose?  Awful.  Then you sit and wait 10 minutes.  Longest ten minutes EVER!  It came back negative too.  Thank god!  She sent me home with a Z pak and told me to drink a ton of water.  SOLD!  I'm outta here! 

Part 2.  So, being part of the Maxell family means cutting things close and arriving at the last minute.  I printed our itinerary, and it says that our flight leaves at 6:25 am.  OK, we're cutting it close, but we have time.  We arrive about 5:15ish, some AK Airlines employee asks if there are any more Portland passengers.  I'm thinking... Portland, we're Portland, but we have time!  I raise my hand and say "We are!"  Then she tells me it's too late and we've missed our flight.  Really.  How in the effing world did we miss our flight?  She was out of her mind!  Bill hasn't even come back yet from parking the car!  This AK rep wasn't going to let us on the plane because it was 30 prior to boarding and they couldn't get our bags through security per the fabulous, do nothing for us, worthless, TSA, and that I needed to call the reservations 800 number to book another flight out.  She was worthless too.  Then Bill walks through the door.  How on earth am I going to tell him this!?  Let's just say he was upset.  I think that's about as nice as I can put it.  He finds this poor older lady and goes to town.  She looked scared of him.  I would have been scared of him too.  He's a big dude!  She explains to Bill why we couldn't board our flight and tells us that it was the 6:15 Portland blah blah blah.  I was like, 6:15!?  Our flight was 6:25 WTH!?  Apparently there was a change in the departure of our flight, and we NEVER received any notification!  So, instead of flying Portland to Kona, we ended up going to Seattle, Los Angeles, Kona.  LONGEST.DAY.EVER.  But, we're here, it's sunny, warm, humid.... Beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful.  We're ringing in the new year in paradise! 

Hope everyone had a fabulous New Year too!  Hopefully not as fun filled as ours, or maybe in a more fun type of way ;)  I'll post pictures soon!


P.S... and did I mention all the cute clothes I brought for Presley for Hawaii?  I can't wait to put her in them!  Off to find her a bathing suit!

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