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18 January 2012

Mom, if you only had three eyes.

"Mom, can you see all the bright dots in the sky?" Tyler asks me as we were driving home.

"Yup!" I say.

"Did you know that they are stars and planets?  Can you tell which ones are planets?" He's quite the know it all, with an inquisitive mind....

"Some of them, yes.  That big, bright, blue one to the left is Venus."  I'm taking a stab in the dark here... I'm driving and looking out of the corner of my eye, right above some houses, but trying not to ram the guy in front of me!

"Where to the left?"  He asks me excitedly while looking out the window.  "Where are the other planets in the sky?"

"I'm trying to drive!  It's probably not a good idea to search the sky right now!  Let's wait until we get home."  I say, l mean... let's be honest.  I'm not the best driver in the world.

Then came this.... "Mom, if you had three eyes, you could look for stars and planets on your left, watch the road with the eye above your nose, then look for more planets with your eye on the right!"  

God I love this kid and his imagination!

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